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  1. I was there in 1986 and had my 11th birthday out there. Saw Haleys comet, will remember the holiday for the rest of my days....
  2. I find it amazing that voyager is still working and sending data back. I wonder where it will eventually come to rest?
  3. l will have to give that a try as the pics look very good.
  4. Well I have ordered the BST's. I noticed that skys the limit sell them on Ebay so I got the 25, 15 and 8 to start off with. They were £47 except for the 25 which, was £41. i'm sure they will be a big improvement over the standard ep's that I currently have. Many thanks for all of your input, it was not easy to choose and I think I have driven my wife crazy over the last few days! Regards Dale
  5. The vixens do seem good value and again are held in high regard considering their price. I could get the 25 and 15 npl's and then the 7 xcel. the eye relief as you point out spec-chum should not be to tight. I do appreciate the replies Many thanks Dale
  6. Yes they do look like good value and many people here rate them. I saw a comment stating that the 25mm was not the best though. does anyone have the 25 and can give their opinion? Would be nice if I got three eyepieces from the same series if possible. Many thanks Dale
  7. No i will stick with the X-cels, i can only afford two at the moment and was thinking of getting the 18mm and 7mm would that be a good choice to start? Many thanks Dale
  8. Bst explorers have caught my eye! I can get 3 for the price of 2 xcels, would that be a better choice? I need to stop looking and start buying I think. Regards Dale
  9. Many thanks for the replies, its always good to hear positive comments about an item you are considering purchasing. Im sure I will notice the difference over the stock ep's. Best wishes Dale
  10. Hi, I have been trawling the forum and feel that I will go with the Celestron eyepieces and eventually a Tal barlow. The 120 is an F5 scope and was wondering if the X-Cels will be ok to use with it. I did consider the WO SPL eyepieces but the range is more limited than the X-cels and though that sticking to one set for now would be the wiser choice. Has anyone used these eyepieces in the ST120? Best wishes Dale
  11. Hi, Just had to tell someone as the wife is asleep, I have to say it was a wow moment. Took it up to 120x with the ST120 and there it was, my first ever view of Saturn. Ok I'm off to bed. Happy days! Dale
  12. Glad I stumbled across this thread as I keep my ST120 in the garage and was wondering if that was ok. I do remove it from the mount though and put it back in its box as I was worried about dust. Dale
  13. Another vote here for FLO, Martin managed to provide his views on the ST120 and let me know when supplies were on their way and It arrived on time. Dale
  14. Congratulations and heres looking to many more years on SGL Dale
  15. @Ad Astra, yeah thats tiny easily fits in your pocket by the look of it!! Well the ST arrived today, its white and black with the white mount and looks great. Just need to get out in the garden now, I can't wait. I'm officially in the Frac club. Best wishes Dale
  16. Tim, I found this on another thread. Polar Alignment of your Equatorial Mount - McWiki hope it helps Dale
  17. I will, hope I don't get into photography or I'll have to sell a kidney! Many thanks Dale
  18. I have to agree, the wealth of knowledge is really something else. Best wishes Dale
  19. well I ordered it just after my last post and am waiting for it to arrive. The one on EQ mount comes with 90 degree diagonal so I won't have to worry about that. I feel 10 years old again! Cheers Dale
  20. Hi Ann, This really is a good place, I have received so much help already. Dale
  21. Hello! Well I did it, I've just ordered the ST120 EQ3-2. Many thanks for everyone who has given their advice, it restores your faith in humanity knowing there are so many people who want to help. Regards Dale
  22. I have emailed FLO about a 120 on the EQ for their opinion on it before I finally get a scope, I really like the 120. Having seen your pics I might just order it now.......
  23. Welcome to SGL Stu. Dale
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