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  1. Hi all. Was wondering if anyone can tell me how to manually track the Sun using GoTo (on an EQ5 Pro)? It's not in the database of objects, which I presume is a safety precaution. I just want to track it for some imaging now I have some Baader Solar Film. Cheers, Rob.
  2. Hey Malcolm. I must have worded it badly in the first place. It wasn't skewing at all in R.A, but with the servo running, it obviously expected there to be an output. It was even displaying the correct co-ordinates. A pretty bad manufacturing fault. Hopefully there wasn't a batch of them. Rob
  3. This is unreal. Epic picture, Pete.
  4. Hey everyone. I received some Baader safety film this morning and got straight to making a filter for my scope. I haven't read up on anything on how you should go about imaging the Sun, so I just messed around with my Nikon until I got something I thought looked alright. I think this shot was on ISO 800 and shutter speed around 1/3000. I then used Photoshop to correct the levels and tone slightly. Any feedback and advice would be much appreciated. Rob.
  5. Thanks to everyone for their input. After looking into it more I found that the problem was with one of the gears. Pat, unlike the fault with your EQ5, this appears to have been a manufacturing fault. The grub scews were tight, but the two large gears were not even aligned close enough to mesh. Which is kinda strange considering it costs £500! Anyway, this is how I found it after taking off the plastic covering. To adjust it, the mount that the servo attaches to has to be repositioned. There is a screw that goes directly through the mount (below the polar scope) to the mounting plate. Undoing this slightly will allow you to reposition it. So if anyone knows someone who comes across a similar fault, this could well be it (especially if it's a fault from a new product). Thanks again! Rob
  6. Thanks for the quick replies. Malcolm - I took the time to balance the scope properly and it was in the park position before I powered up the SynScan. Locks were fully tight also. As for the rates, it wouldn't move at all, even when set above 5. When it was set below 3 I actually looked through the eyepiece to detect any movement but nothing! What a nightmare. As the dec. motor is running as normal, I'm suspecting a gear problem maybe? DP - Not too sure to be honest about a clutch setting. I'll have a look through the SynScan manual again. Thanks again! Rob.
  7. Hi everyone. I've recently bought a SkyWatcher 150PDS and an EQ5 Pro SynScan GoTo mount, and last night I finally got all my kit up and running for the first time... with one problem. I polar aligned the scope and then went on to do a 2 star alignment. The first star I chose to align to was Arcturus. I selected it on the SynScan and when it finished slewing it was miles out. I didn't think anything of it initially, but then when I tried to manually slew to Arcturus to centre it, the mount wouldn't motor at all on R.A. Dec. was motoring as expected. I can hear the motor running on R.A, but with no output. I went through every option in rate (1-9) with no movement at all. I also tried tuning the power supply off and then back on, but this didn't make any difference. Has anyone encountered this problem before or have any advice? Any would be much appreciated! Regards, Rob.
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