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  1. Yes. Night Notes does EXACTLY this. Switches between day and night mode. Make notes and take them outside without ruining your dark adapted eyes. Does lists too. BINGO
  2. Thanks Mike - and thanks for the shout out. We ran beta testing over the winter with some volunteers from this forum. Their input was invaluable. The app is much improved for it. We're delighted with this first release and hope youll enjoy using it! Suitable for anyone with scope, binocs or ....eyes!
  3. Jesus...got it Who needs gym membership.
  4. Hi y'all. Received my Baader Zoom clickstop EP today - trying to fit the 2" nosepiece. Does the end UNSNCREW to allow this? Do you need to have SUPERHUMAN strength too? Mine is soooo tight ive got grooves in my palms from trying to unscrew....who's got one? How's it meant to work!?!
  5. Thanks guys you've been a great help.
  6. Hi all I've recently got a 72mm Megrez and tried attaching my Panasonic GF-1 with a t mount and 1.25" nose piece. I wasn't expecting it to achieve focus - and it didn't. Another inch would appear to do it. My options appear to be: Buy WO or similar 2" extension tube Or Buy WO or similar prime focus tube for direct fixing to t mount However, I also think I'll need the WO field flattener for imaging. Will this negate the need for either of the extension tubes above or would I need a tube extender with the field flattener too? Any help appreciated, cheers.
  7. It won't be free when released properly on the app store. We're hobbyists not a business but we need to cover our developer costs so it'll likely be a quid. Thanks
  8. We're looking for testers for our new astronomy App Double Stars. This is for anyone with binoculars or a scope. If you're interested follow this link. Read the full description of the app and what it does in the other forum 'science' Observing and imaging double stars. Thanks http://bit.ly/xJGDMU
  9. My favourite is Star Map Pro - just fantastic. If you haven't seen my other thread - if you have an iPhone we're looking for volunteers to test out a new astronomy app Double Stars. See the full thread in the forum 'Science' Observing and imaging Double stars and variable stars. Perhaps it could become your NEW favourite app??
  10. Hi everyone - I have posted a long thread in the Observing Double Stars section so I won't repeat it all here... We're basically looking for testers for a new Double Star app. If that's 'your bag' then please check out that thread! Thanks. Alex
  11. Thank Neil - I think I'll take your advice and wait n see.
  12. Pillkin - I cannot answer you're question but would like to jump aboard to see what answers come back. I am also considering a finderscope or Red Dot Finder and would like to hear other users advice about what they find good/ bad. The ability to use a 45 or 90deg finder seems much more comfortable as a principle than kneeling on the wet grass peering up to the heavens.... I also note you have a WO Megrez 72 - the scope I'll hopefully be purchasing any day to go on a Vixen Porta mount as a grab n go. Having owned one of these - do you think I would benefit from a RDF or Finderscope? I was considering the WO RDF or Baader Sky Surfer V - both of which may be difficult to use at the zenith...or perhaps the widefield view through the WO 72 would not warrant a finder at all? Cheers - hope you get some good replies
  13. Just come across this on the app store - Night Notes. Its multi-purpose app but seems to have astronomers in mind. If you have an iphone you'll know using it outside means a bright screen and loss of your precious adjusted vision. This app has a 'night mode' that turns the screen red with a variable slider. Just tried it in the cupboard - it works! No glare. This could revolutionise my soggy observing notes! Anyone else used it? Just pasted in a sky tour though Perseus for my next cloud free observing session...
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