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  1. Thank you. What rough measurements did you use for the foam?
  2. Ideally looking for something metal. Astrozap dont seem to do anything like that
  3. Looking for corrector plate dust cap for a LX90 8". Seems like a part that isnt that easy to find. TIA
  4. LX200 16" equatorially mounted in a dome. Maybe a LX600 16" in a dome, since it has starlock and stuff.
  5. Yes, I read a thread where it said the current supplied doesnt really matter. I mean its a given since the LX90 will only want as much current as is necessary for its operation.
  6. Fair enough. I'll shop around. 12v 10A should be fine for the scope.
  7. Thank you Peter. I assume the Power Tank 12v should be ok with the scope?
  8. Just acquired a Meade LX90 EMC with a few lenses for a nice price. Just got a question about it. I'm looking at getting a power tank for it so I can operate it easier. Specifically, I'm looking at buying a Celestron Power Tank 12v (10A), but I'll need a fused cable which has a 10A fuse inside of it, where can I get one of those? I've been recommended those that take 12v 5A fused but I'd like something which can take 12v 10A fused as the bigger power tank (12) is a cheaper option and has more functionality and capacity. I'm also new to this forum. I've got a background in doing casual observing on a meade LX200 14" (not mine, I wish it was!).
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