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  1. Thanks blusky, when I am next in central I will look them up.
  2. I would be interested in knowing the shop you refer to. I am down in London a couple of times a week at the moment so would be great to find a decent astro shop and if they sell 2nd hand EPs and kit even better.
  3. I have come across this issue with many astronomy sites. I was after a EP for my spotting scope, no one can get hold of it but all the sites I tried said it was in stock. Only to take my money, then wait a month (they said wait a month when I contacted them for a delivery date). Why o why can't some of these sites be honest and say it is out of stock. They appear happy to take your money up front!!
  4. Give them a call or email. That is what I did, interestingly Morgan Computers is that their trading name. They are called something else. But they were good to their word and it did eventually arrive. Customer service was excellent.
  5. Great write-up and awesome project. Being the other side of 40 I do fall into knowing what DIY is. Not as good as this but I did cobble together a new mount for a red dot sight to allow it to replace the poor viewfinder that came with my telescope. Yes the spirit of innovation is still alive. Well done Stan.
  6. Cantab, I discounted the Barlow earlier then remembered it would be useful for the webcam. So it's an idea. King-jaffethehut, thanks I will check it out. Are bst explorer eps any good?
  7. Thanks for confirming that damnut. This forum is really good for asking questions.
  8. Thanks for the advice John. Yes it is for the 76mm newt. It is good to know the outer limits on the magnification for newt. I didn't realise that the 5mm would give me such an increase in mag up from the 7.5mm. Also good to know the 7.5mm is a good one to have. So that makes my next purchase a little easier, no Barlow for me. But I have looked around and I cannot see anyone selling a 5mm EP to fit 1.25". 6mm or 4mm seems to be around but not 5mm, this was checking FLO only mind you. Can you recommend any please?
  9. The filter should be neutral in terms of amount of light it lets in and has the added benefit of stopping dust attacking the CCD chip and possibly damaging it. Thoroughly recommended.
  10. This is for my 700/76 newt. The new Skywatcher Plossl EPs are working really well and a treat to the eyes. I did get a manufacturer supplied x3 barlow which is all plastic and I lose the sharpness when using this Barlow. Would I expect to keep the clarity if I used a TAL Barlow or would that lose sharpness too? I have seen on the web someone selling a TAL x3 Barlow for the price of a x2. Would there be a difference in the image quality if I chose the x3 over the x2? I am looking to use this with my Skywatcher Plossl EPs as well as my webcam. Thanks for looking.
  11. What will they think of next. Shame its a paid for one, I use Simplenote for all my note taking, if this was free I would use it just for astronomy but then I cannot try it out to see either. Thanks for sharing though.
  12. Sounds like a toss up between clear beautiful light pollution free skies or warmer weather here in the UK. I would go with Canadian clear skies everytime even if it is really cold. How cold has it got when you have been observing?
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