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  1. Thank you, and to all. I may be quiet but still here!!
  2. Sorry about delay in replying, read it on day one but busy on night shifts. This is an ingenious method.
  3. Hmmm, would it be possible to fit a new eyepiece, 1.25, in the existing fittings? Sorry, starfinder. I have not yet been able to set it up properly, been doing some observing manually. I was wondering if, when the starfinder is set up, does it remember everything? The text is hard to read, being red. Secondly, is there a way of actually upgrading the handset. I tried to connect it to my pc but nothing happened.
  4. Thanks eye. I will read you're post again when not working nights, try to digest it more. I am a rank amateur at present, this being my first telescope. I still have to sort out the electronics. Any observations at present have been manual. The eye piece photo attached: I use photoshop, I will just have to remember to turn image over.
  5. To be fair a lot of the office blocks that I work in at night have proximity lights that only come on as I walk around but there is still a long long way to go. I can see whole cities reflected in the clouds, its way too much waste.
  6. I dont twit, so its lost on me
  7. Now on Facebook. My street has been 'dark skied' and Birmingham Council is doing the whole city apparently. The difference is excellent. Their contractors came around and dug up the old lamps then another lot came around and planted new ones with a smaller headlight signature. The result is that recently the moon,jupiter and venus graced the front of our house with a celestial display that outshone the street lights. Orion shone out like something only before seen in my BACK garden!! The attached shows the low light signature of the lamps in relation to Jupiter and Venus and the Moon. Taken in March with my phone.
  8. yes indeed, so I have added a blog and advertised it in my Army form. If we really want this we should also ask all friends to vote. I am now putting it on facebook too.
  9. signed and going to blog it and forum it on my site
  10. The instructions given in the Meade 4504 manual are a bit vague. When I set up the star finder, do I get a saved program or do I have to keep setting it up? Its awkward to set up and I am having problems. I tried to connect it to my pc to see if I could download upgrades or whatever, it does not 'fire up'.
  11. I have been given a Meade 4504 reflector. I know its technically obsolete in respects on the Meade catalogue but if it ain't broke .... Now my questions: 1. I am after a converter to fit into the eyepiece to convert the image right way up. It annoys my brain to have things upside down. 2. How to take images with a digital SLT fixed lens camera. I took a test image but was only partially successful. (attached). I doctored it in Photoshop to highlight terrain and remove glare. I also took two with a compact camera -attached. The one with the mountain tops sunlit is Sea of Iridium 3. USB camera attached to laptop. Would there be such a thing that does not cost mega bucks? I have seen one but it was oh so expensive. I have one more problem which I will discuss in relevant section - star finder.
  12. Sorry in in wrong section, did anyone get any pics of YU55 asteroid in its fly by tonight?
  13. oh no, the google skymap is on a black screen with soft gold lettering, it was perfect, I could view sky and screen with no problem.
  14. This weekend I have been working at a castle/country park in South Derbyshire, on nights. The lad who I was working with has a Samsung Galaxy. I was looking at the bright moon, and Jupiter on its right, and remarked that the moon hides an awful lot when so bright. He said that he had this app on his phone (google skymaps) and he showed me - OMG!!! Brilliant. I am a numpty when it comes to constellations, I cant see the pattern in a bed spread!! I only know a handful like Plough, Casseopeia, Orion. But this showed me all the sky labelled and exactly what I was looking at at that time, like Arcturus!! Like they say in films ' I have GOT to get me one of these'!!! - one day ....
  15. which bit? Looks like the surface to me!!! Sorry, getting my coat now.
  16. The ISS is VERY bright, like a fast orbiting sirius only brifghter. It also moves at a steady speed. If you think you saw the UAR, and you are in the UK, then you would not have seen it unless it was almost on the horizon to the south/southwest. (I think!).
  17. saved myself £5. I was going to have an personnel injury bet at 3200-1 but it looks like only a fish may qualify?
  18. just one point Haitch - is the external speaker for when you get massive crowds?
  19. First reaction when I saw both - oh my!!! Both are superb, oh how I wish I could take piccies like these, stupendous. My thanks. I know why the cascade is so named, but its my surname too. And there they reside right above my head!! I love the star spiker!!
  20. If someone could take a clear image of Kemble's Cascade for me I would be most grateful.
  21. only one word can describe these - now, what was it? Beautiful!! Orion does it for me!!
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