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  1. Hello, Thank you for your replies, very helpful and exactly what we needed to know :-) we have ordered the webcam (pre-flashed) and adaptor and have downloaded the software. As for the mount, we were planning on just using the standard mount that comes with the SW130pm, however, if you can suggest a better alternative for us to consider then that would be good but I should mention that we are not going to be spending a great deal to start with. Many thanks for the advice, Dan and Steph
  2. Hello all, We attended the opening of a local observatory in Usk, South Wales last week and had a great time chatting to the people there and viewing the moon and saturn. We have decided that we would like to purchase our own equipment now and have been considering the Skywatcher 130pm. We would like to attach a webcam to the telescope so we can take images. Having received great advice from 2 members of this forum at the observatory (Nick and Tony) we have established what software we need and also a good webcam for astrophotography purposes. However, we are just wondering what the general opinion was on this potential set-up and also how we go about connecting a webcam to the telescope? Many thanks, Dan and Steph.
  3. Thank you for your reply and help, very informative and something we would not have come up with ourselves so thanks, Dan and Steph
  4. Hello, Does anyone know if it is possible to connect a Sony Alpha DSLR camera to a SkyWatcher EQ3 PRO SynScan GOTO Equatorial Mount? And if so...how?! Many thanks, Dan and Steph.
  5. Many thanks for the fast and informative responses. I think we will start off by ordering the book 'Making Every Photon Count' and just take things slowly by reading that and also looking to see what is out there in terms new and second hand equipment. Hopefully, once we get a better understanding of the types of equipment and what each item of equipment does we can make a more informed choice. Thank you for taking the time to reply to our post, Dan and Steph
  6. Hello, My partner and I are currently in the process of looking for a telescope to purchase and if it is possible I would be very grateful for some advice. We have already contacted a number of websites that sell telescopes and was informed of this forum by Martin of firstlightoptics. We have a budget of up to £1,000 and would be looking to take images with our Sony dslr camera of planets, nebula and galaxies (if possible!). Being newcomers to astronomy in general we would expect there to be a steep learning curve when using the equipment and also in regards to knowing and learning about what we are seeing but I guess that is part of the fun! We have enjoyed looking around the forum and seeing the images that have been taken here by people and it has inspired us to try it for ourselves. Any advice would be great. Many thanks, Dan and Steph.
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