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  1. Thank you…..Jupiter seemed quite high up to me…..but perhaps that’s the next bit of kit
  2. Thank you….it’s an asi120mc camera….no ADC. I did the wavelets and RGB align in Registax Cheers Roger
  3. Good Afternoon ....still having issues trying to get rid of the blue fringing. I have an older version of Photoshop elements but no luck with it in this. Is there another way I could try? Thank you Roger
  4. Thank you....I did try to check on Stellarium but computer was acting up,,,,jere is a readout though01_30_52.CameraSettings.txt
  5. Hello I can make out a shadow on this one but where is the moon?
  6. Thanks again Jim. Very interesting information. This capture was 79.852 seconds which does not seem too long (?)
  7. Thank you Jim I am using an asi 120 mc camera which I understand has a built in IR cut filter. I will certainly try a smaller stack percentage as you suggest. Cheers Roger
  8. Good Morning This is a from a stack of 70 percent of 6000 frames. Seem to be getting a blue fringe on the right edge...Is there a fix for this? Thanks for looking Cheers Roger
  9. This stuff does keep a person humble….so much to learn but I enjoy the occasional Eureka moments. A good sense of humour such as yours certainly helps Cheers Roger
  10. Hi Folks I tried a few captures this morning….was quite a bit of dew. I did get the asi120mc up to 75 fos on som captures. Used a 9.25sct with a 2x barlow. I am finding that using the zoom in Sharpcap helps me with focussing. I was pleased to see a moon in there. Thanks for looking Cheers Roger
  11. Great images……. How many fps will the asi462mc do?
  12. Hello again folks this is 30 percent of a 1000 frame capture using my asi 120 mc camera. I do have an asi 120mm camera with filters and was wondering if it would be productive to use that for lunar with a red or green filter to capture? Thanks Roger
  13. Thank you for your inputs....I can't wait to try focussing on the moons....I did send a data sheet Cheers Roger
  14. Thank you so much Ross. I do have an older Celestron motorized focusser....it's mounted to the regular focusser with one screw...I will have to hook that up more for these. I do understand what you meant by focussing on Jupiter's moons.....If I increase the field of view and bump up exposure a bit ....focus then set the exp and smaller ROI....can't wait to try that. I will use that motor focusser to better advantage. Also I was not aware that my asi 120 mc could get more than the 45fps or so I was getting;.....thank you for that input also Cheers Roger
  15. Thank you....yes I was using Sharpcap. I will try using the moon for focus (will have to increase exposure for that?) Here is the data sheet Cheers Roger 01_42_40.CameraSettings - Shortcut.lnk
  16. Hi again I am still trying to edit some Jupiters from the other night....I did some with a 2x barlow but then tried without hoping I could brighten it up. Used a 9.25 sct and asi12o mc camera Thanks for looking
  17. Wow....I tried that on layers 1, 2 and 6 as you kindly suggested....it sure narrows things down for me and I will be using that method as I get more captures. I think it was 45 fps and did get 5000 frames. Thank you again.
  18. Thanks Ross….I have more avis to process and will certainly try those wavelet setting
  19. Thank you Marv I used a 9.25 sct with a 2x Televue barlow and asi120mc camera. 25 percent of 5000 frames in Autostakkert. Still trying to get my head around the linked wavelets in Registax. Trying various settings to see what might work better. I thought my collimation was all right but will have to check that again next time out. Also I did a few captures without the barlow which seemed to be brighter Cheers Roger
  20. Hi Folks I tried some imaging this morning....Jupiter appeared kind of dim beside the moon but did a few captures at various settings Thanks for looking Cheers Roger
  21. Thank you all for your generous suggestions. I appreciate very much your sharing with me examples of how Jupiter should look when imaging and also the settings data. The weather has not been cooperating lately but hopefully soon I can do some more imaging with these inputs in mind Cheers Riger
  22. Thank you. I think it was about 40 degrees. I was using a Crayford style focusser. I do have a motorized one but was not set up at the time. Here is a frame...
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