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  1. Ok, thank you so much. I was messing my self up on LY to distance. I hope to get a glimpse of M101!
  2. 23m light years away is a distance right? So how long in our Time(not distance) did the light take to get here to earth. Like, from the sun, the light takes about 8 minutes to reach us on earth. I guess LY being a measure of distance, is making my brain trying to figure out time of that distance....I am just a bit confused.
  3. Quick off topic sort of question, How long did it take for that supernova light to reach us here on earth? Since M101 is 23m LY away? how long in our time did it take?
  4. Just WOW, its incredible how many stars are really out there, and how large the universe is! It makes you sit back and think, wow, where are we?
  5. I too just found m3 (i think I also found m92) just last friday! I was still surprised at what I saw even though it was the same faint fuzzy you describe!
  6. It was a great sight my first saturn too! I did check out its moons last friday night, I am pretty sure I saw 3 or 4 of them myself
  7. For sure on that, Your picture, and the one in the thread are the same cluster for sure.
  8. If I had to guess ( i have not viewed this one yet) I would say looks more like m44?
  9. That is something else, to capture the light from that supernova that has probably occurred millions of years ago now.....Very cool!
  10. Hey Raygil, we have a simple scope, 4.5" eq starblast f/4 Super Pictures by the way!!!
  11. Wow, I didnt know you guys could see it all the way over there! I'll tell you what, I only live about 160 or so miles from the space Center in Cape Canaveral, by far, its a really cool sight to see the shuttle make a night launch! Its a ball of fire rising into the sky.
  12. ^^ Yes. I have a barlow 2x on order, and a 26mm meade4000 series plossl on the way. I am sure they are not TOP TOP quality, but judging from the EPs that came with the scope, they will be a huge improvement for sure. Next going to be looking for a 10mm plossl to accompany the barlow to get a good view of things!
  13. Wow, you guys and your astrophotography skills, its amazing. Each day I log into the forum, I am left speechless over the photos I see! I am Not worthy!!
  14. Not perfect? That sir is in the eye of the beholder! Its super perfect in my eyes!
  15. Still with my cheap eyepieces, and the fast scope. Not to mention just average seeing conditions in a light polluted area! I saw my first 2 globular clusters! They really weren't much more than a ball of fuzz in the eyepiece, but I am for sure it was them! I saw M3 first, and then set my course for M92 and found Both withing a few minutes of searching! Even though they are small faint blurry blotches, I am still intrigued! And will continue to add to my collection and hopefully some better views in the future!
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