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  1. cheers for that gjbc , the 32mm and 40mm lenses are 2" all the rest are 1.25
  2. the lenses im using are standard issue 25mm and 10mm sold with the skywatcher 200p also bought williams optics sp l3mm ,6mm,swa2" 32mm,ed 40mm,soligor 3.8mm, obviously some of the lences are used for different things, laser collimator, 2 xbarlows lens in 1.25 and 2",this isnt about aperture fever,been observing with telescope for 2 years now,using bins for years, using 15 by 70 celestron at present , this is more about people using the same equipment as me but getting alot more detail ie looking at galaxies in leo or virgo people using the same equipment rave about all this detail which i never seem to be able to achieve,my eyes seem to be fine,BANG just walked into wall lol, am i using the wrong lenses,am i just going mad,might just go out and buy a space ship lol
  3. thanks for all the advice folks cheers
  4. observe from home only,lucky to have very very little light pollution, barring the kids opening curtains,must beat them more often lol,just a little concerned that if i went for a 16" dob paying quite alot of money ,the differece i would see by observing lets say m13 or andromeda galaxy would there be a significant difference in detail from what im using now.i use quite alot of different lenses and barlows but am somewhat dissappointed with what i see when people using the same scope as me seem to see alot more detail, i collimate every time i setupjust abit dissilutioned
  5. im using a skywatcher 200p on a eq5 mount at present and am looking for something larger for dso's,didnt know wheather to go for a dob or a larger newtonian or something else,im not into astro photography and prefer something without a goto, i like scanning the skies myself, find it more challenging and more rewarding when i find what im looking for .anybody got any ideas on what to purchse{i have a budget of £1600)also if i got something larger, lets say 350mm as to my 200mm is there a real difference in what u see.any advice welcome, thanks
  6. saw it coming from manchester, as it neared my house in macclesfield it dropped at a 45 degree angle, seemed to be about a mile away, travelling very slow, must have impacted the ground somewhre nearby, hopefully will hear more by tomorrow, amazing sight
  7. cheers for the info, great image got any more
  8. ive got a skywatcher 200p and was wondering if you can purchase a solar filter for my scope and if so what sort of viewing of the sun would be expected,on a clear day:)
  9. cheers everyone will try harder tonight and hopefully have some success:)
  10. yes, seen galaxies in other constellations, just seem to struggle in virgo dont know why:(
  11. very dark most nights,not much lp at all:(
  12. im using a skywatcher 200p and am struggling to see any galaxies in virgo, dont know if im using the right magnification or if im doing something wrong, collimate everytime i use scope, anyone able to help in if im doing something wrong and if not which galaxies should i be able to see:(
  13. supurb,managed to see it last month in barbados but only through bins, just made my day cheers
  14. just taken the cap off the top of my scope and there is a small amount of dust on the primary mirror im looking for suggestions to remove it,im using a 200p skywatcher,kept inside the house most of the time with cover on, cover only comes off when outside for stargazing any advice welcome:(
  15. been getting some great views using my 15 by 70 bins , just a quick question, didnt know wether to go larger ie 25 by 100mm would there be much more visually to see, oh by the way i use my bins on a tripod, any info much appreciated
  16. thanks for all your advise, just a few contrails and cirrus clouds where i am, hopefully find a few more galaxies in Virgo etc tonight.
  17. hopefully ive got better conditions tonight
  18. cheers everyone,will try a bit harder tonight
  19. cheers, just about to set scope up for an all nighter going to try and locate some stuff in virgo any thing i should be looking for tonight.
  20. not much light pollution were i live, normally do a full nights gazing ,would i see alot more through lets say a 14 inch dob or an 11 inch celestron etc
  21. using a skywatcher 200p on an eq5 mount,located m66 and m65 in leo,m13 ,m92,m5,struggling with finding galaxies,using high and low magnifications and wide angled ep,s, collimate my scope before using,cooling scope for at least 2 hours,just a little bit disillusioned with what im seeing,just wondering if im doing something wrong or my expectations are to high,one of my family wanted to buy my scope and i was going to go for a larger one say a meade or a celestron but dont if id be disillusioned again,any information or guidance would be much appreciatedhttp://stargazerslounge.com/images/icons/icon9.gif
  22. at the moment i am using a skywatcher200p on a eq5 mount, wanting to get a larger or better telescope but cant decide on which one or type to buy,looked at a meade lx90acf 250mm a celestron c11 sgt(xlt) and a skywatcher skyliner 400p flexitube goto all are similarly priced but i also need to consider imaging in about 12 months time, still enjoying roaming the skies at present but at some stage i now i will go down the imaging route,could do with some advise on all three telescopes mentioned and a bit of advise towards imaging,were i live in macclesfield i have great dark skies and little light pollution except when the missis gets up and turns all the lights on in the house,might take all the bulbs out one day
  23. geoff1962


    just come back from barbados, took my bins with me some great stargazing m6 m7 ngc 5139 looked great wished id been able to view through a telescope though because 5139 looked amazing
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