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  1. And YES!!! I too have laid my very own eyes upon that fabulous ring-surrounded-planet Saturn I was practising my aim with the scope when it came above the houses in view from my backyard and then it appeared in my scope.... I read here that it has an absolute wow-factor, and indeed...it has ! A bit small so after 6 days as a scope-owner I definetely will go shopping later on for a decent eyepiece (now I have the standard 20mm and 10mm that came with my Celestron Astromaster 114EQ) or a barlow or both. Any tips as to what eyepieces or barlow or yes or no both? Anyway...the first sight (and 2nd and 3rd and 4th and...) was very pleasing!!!
  2. I will have to see that once to...drive to a dark place and see the difference. Or...slingshot all the lampposts and backyardlights in the neigbourhood:D First week as a scope-owner and i have yet to drive my wife mad, but that will happen sooner or later
  3. Tonight suddenly it was clear, so after a visit we came home and I dragged the scope out It was only the 2nd night with me and my scope in the backgarden and I had my phone (SE X10 mini Pro - Android) with me and I was using the SkEye-app to orient myself to the sky. I had the moon in sight and I thought : why not? and I held the camera of the phone against the eyepiece..here is the result. Nowhere near as good as all other pics I see here...but it's my first and not even taken with my Digital Camera Taken with the moonfilter on the 10mm eyepiece with my Celestron Astromaster 114EQ. BTW : a few things I learned so far : * The earth moves really fast * Clouds are annoying * People walking by when you're in the backyard think you're up to no good * And did I mention : clouds are annoying ???? All and all : it's an awesome hobby !!!
  4. I saw it too from my backgarden. Tonight was the first night I took out my first, new scope (had it since saturday) and I was fumbling around with something then it caught my eye. Not with the scope, mind you (first time out, took me almost ten minutes to get the moon properly in view ;-) )but it was amazing to see. And now I read the confirmation here, so it wasn't in my mind haha.
  5. Wow maybe a lucky break tonight : clear skies predicted... Not bad for the 5th night I own a telescope :-) ANd btw : I don't know if I'm gonna be able to photograph as well with the scope, as for now only look at the wonders of the sky....
  6. Thanks all Man, really frustrating those clouds, never knew that :-) Third night I own a telescope and third night it's clouded :-(
  7. It's already a warm welcome! And yes, my scope arrived this afternoon and after an hour it was assembled . The whole day pretty good weather (some clouds) and guess what? It was getting dark and clouds and rain came in (even a small thunderstorm now)....D*mn ;-)
  8. Hello, my name is Christian and last year I bought a Fuji Finepix 2000HD. With it's optical zoom 15x I really started to photograph the moon and found out that it was amazing to see and do. So now I ordered a Celestron Astromaster 114EQ and it will arrive next week (ordered from Amazon.co.uk). I ordered a moonfilter with it so I am really anxious to get started next week. So now I have all the pre-fun (reading, reading, reading ) and signing up here...I will let my first experiences know here as soon as I tested it. Looks very great here with a lot of very usefull info!
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