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  1. Last week first time found Andromeda in my scope (only a blur for me but I found it) and last Saturday when i was up at 7 a.m. and saw Mars for the first time with my bins. Maybe next weekend set an alarm and drag the scope out for that .... But both times : wow !!!
  2. Welcome to SGL, hope you can see a lot more in the sky. I've been to Jakarta last year and stars are really almost a no-show there! Have fun here and clear skies !!!
  3. Yeah..used to say : look at those funny-shaped clouds, well : NO MORE Especially seeing on Stellarium that Andromeda and Jupiter are closing in at the line of sight from the backyard at reasonable hours... Glad I already had a look once at Jupiter through the scope.... But anyway : I also feel sorry for the people who booked a holiday and are suffering this 2011-summer-weather....
  4. Exactly how long does this so called cloud curse last after buying new EP's? Because since I received them on June 11th it has been almost every night cloudy.Only a few small moments were good and I could try the EP's... Even when the evening started out good by the time it was dark it has been clouds all over the place Really longing for a evening of stargazing....
  5. A friend of mine lives in what you would call "the suburbs" of Jakarta. Went there last year to visit, and must say : it's very impressing. Not to be the "rich white guy" of course (you're rich when you make about 500 pounds a month ) but it's a very lovely country. Ehh...what we have seen of it, and we did not only see the tourist places but also some of the less-fortunate places... If i were to choose maybe live there a few years and after that it's just a little hop southwards to Australia....but that is not taking in account that one should make a living For astronomy-purposes though it would not be near Jakarta : there you have the very definition of smog
  6. Thanks Northernnutter, yeah it's been 4 days already so time to recover.....
  7. Thanks, yeah I was awake so I thought : why not? Haven't used the scope that much lately so this was a good new start!
  8. Last night I woke at 3 am (I have a stomach flue, hence the waking up ) but anyway, I've decided to be safe and stay out of bed a while (....) and I thought : Why not look outside and take the bins, I saw Jupiter very prominently at the sky so eventually I took the scope out. I have seen it a few weeks ago through my bins but that first look at it through my scope was fantastic. I've used my zoom-EP and then I replaced it with the BST 5 mm.... What a great views I had! So now that's planet 2 already in the scope
  9. Wow, that's a scary thought, hopefully you managed to scare them away???
  10. Haha yeah that;s kind of true I'm afraid... Soon I will be joining a group and saying : Hello, my name is Christian and I'm a junkie...
  11. A bit late, but because of weather and of the late and little darkness I've only had tonight my very first light with the new EP's. I've tried them two times before but that was both times like 15 minutes or so.... I've decided to keep both of the EP's in stead of returning one and I have the zoom-EP so that's 3 new playthings The zoompiece is really great quality and very handy....very sharp image and it's usefull to "zoom in" without swapping EP's. Tonight I tried it just to look around, nothing at particular and be amazed at what there is to see and how clear it can be (in contrast to the standard EP's). The first 2 attempts were with Saturn and I tried the BST and the TMB as well and I was very,very satisfied with the view I got then. Now when it was dark enough, Saturn had eluded me behind our hedge,or it is time to cut the hedge.... Of course, if it was me I would be looking at Saturn if it was the size of the moon , but with this scope and these EP's it is very satisfying. Anyway, I had a great night (1,5 hours and just now the clouds started rolling in) and I also tracked (with the eyes and/or bins) 5 satellites and I had 3 times a very fast object flashing through the FOV in the scope... Next time I'll start to expand my list of DSO's seen (only 3 so far) but then it has to be darker (and again : during a workweek it'll be too late to be outside once it's a bit dark). All and all : very satisfied with the EP's and also with Alan's service!
  12. Welkom....eh welcome to this forum and exciting hobby! Of course after a few days off tonight is gonna be clear (when I have to work tomorrow) I'm a bit south of you (1,5 hours drive) but anyway...hope you have fun! Thanks for the ISS-tip, I haven't checked the transit-times in a while... Clear skies and good views
  13. Start and highlight : clouds and of course too low above the horizon. As the moon was climbing there were still clouds, but it started to break open....with only a quarter or so in the shadow it was visible..... Took a picture with my Fuji S2000HD just handheld...
  14. Yes I know, once there was too many "yellow light" coming in I stopped looking with the bins or scope!!! Next time though I will keep my camera handy!!!!
  15. OK thanks maybe I'll pick one up someday too...but with the new EP's coming I guess I would not even need them (5 or 6 mm)....already the max for "our scope"
  16. Haha yeah i already see it : open the box and within minutes an entire region is filled with clouds.... When I have them I surely post my experiences here! So yours are good with the Baader? I ordered a zoom as well, so I'm curious if it's smoothly....No Baader of course....
  17. I apologize for the obvious question because I replied in the topic where you said you bought it haha.... But anyway : I see in your sig that you have a barlow, is it really usefull for your scope? Because I was advised against it cause of the so-called "built-in" Barlow in the 114EQ (500mm long but focal lenght of 1000mm)...?
  18. Nice one! Good thing it's so far away, we are already being toasted here now with a 28 degrees today... Very good picture!
  19. After a while gathering information (and money ) I finally ordered something. A while back I emailed Alan back and forth and yesterday finally sent him a final mail full of questions. I've decided to order the 7-21 mm Zoom EP he has and take the Buy-and-Try-service for the BST 5mm and the TMB-designed 6mm he has. Got the invoice today and paid it, so now I'll be, as I told Alan, waiting by the mailbox... When I have them and got First Light with them I'll post the experiences with them and which one I'll keep....
  20. And? Have you already bought something? I did... I went for the zoom 7-21mm EP Alan has and took the Buy-and-try offer on the BST 5mm and a TMB-designed 6mm. As soon as I had "First Light" with it I'll post the experiences with it.
  21. Within a week or so forget the clear skies in Holland (or a larger region) because I purchased some new EP's Sorry....
  22. Did something crazy last night, set the alarm at 4.45 (UK 3.45) and actually wanted to look east for the "Rise of the Planets" Of course I checked Stellarium for the time of good viewing from my backyard, but forgot one thing : already way too light.... So I took my bins and suddenly I saw something and thought it was a distant plane or something, but realised it didn't move... Checked again against Stellarium and watched again with the bins and it hit me : that must have been Jupiter. Tried to find it with the scope, but pointing at something you cannot see, even with glasses on, is very difficult, especially when everything was already a bright white in the FOV But unless I was wrong it must have been my first sighting of Jupiter....
  23. Beautiful! Well done, I like those daytime moonpics.... Can one take these pictures from other planets as well or does the sun block any vision you get (or burns away the lens or eyes...) Seeing that we have a couple of early planet-rises, I just wondered...
  24. I am looking to buy 2 new EP's this month but I'm afraid I scare away any clear nights here in Holland I only think about it and wind comes blowing in with a force of 6
  25. One of my neighbours IS a cop, so one of the first times I was outside in the dark he came by (we have a hedge) and asked who was lurking in the backyard haha
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