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  1. I'm almost all the way through the S194 coursebook. It is really quite enjoyable. I'm learning loads. Can't wait for 104 in October!
  2. Well found after a few beers! I think i'll save my £155 and see what new courses they introduce for the extra 10 credits I need to go with my planned units.
  3. Made perfect sense. I haven't spotted any discounts but that doesn't mean they're not there. will keep an eye out for them now though!
  4. Interesting...I've just noticed that S197, Exploring the Universe, cannot be combined with S104, Exploring Science towards a qualification. Good job I noticed as, having recieved my S194 materials, I thought I would be able to do S197 at the same time and very nearly signed up to it. However as I'm doing S104 in October, S197 would have been useless.
  5. Got back from my hols to my S194 course materials. Very exciting!
  6. I'm finding it to be very good. I lay have done well at GCSE Physics but you forget a lot in 15 yrs! Would be good to have someone else starting the course in Oct to trade notes with! Good luck Rich!
  7. Hiya, was a typo on my phone, I corrected it in a post after. Http://openlearn.open.ac.uk is the right one
  8. Thanks Working, will give them a try!
  9. Hi Spikey I'm going to do it through OU with a view then to going to Leeds or Sheffield for a PGCE. Can't afford to give uo work plus don't have the A-levels to get on a physics degree so the OU one gets me round that and is a fraction of the cost (I reckon about £2k per level). The S194 is my test to see if I get on with it but as long as I do I'll be doing S104 in October and taking it from there. Glad to hear you're enjoying S194, my Intro to Astronomy course at Greenwich ended tonight and I'm really going to miss it so looking forward to getting the course material through! Sian
  10. I have got Teach Yourself Physics which is good. Short paragraph and a couple of questions to illustrate it then an end of chapter test. Was £8 on Amazon. They also do a Chemistry one.
  11. Oops http://openlearn.open.ac.uk...stupid phone!
  12. Also have a look at the free part of OU. http://opener.open.ac.uk Was looking at that last night and lots of free introductory maths units right through from how to subtract to more complex stuff
  13. Wow! What a welcome! Thanks everyone. @Adam...that's great thank you. I went to KSC last May for a launch. Visited KSC 7 times! Is it ok if I PM you to give you some ideas of what to try and do?
  14. I'm in exactly the same boat but fortunately did do maths a-level. Nearly took physics and changed my mind and went for French. I did the "Are you ready for 104?" test and got green lights on the maths and science (but not for English!) so decided to go for it but have bought some books to revise what I should remember from school!
  15. Why thank you fellow Silhillian (I was born there but escaped to London) That's not the reaction I get from my mates most of the time. They all just think I'm nuts.
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