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  1. Just got a pair of Pentax 12x50 PCF WP II, now I just need a clear night... Jaimo!
  2. Mine has to be the old Meade Research Grade 10.5mm Abbe Ortho, it has supplied me with some of the finest planetary views. Jaimo!
  3. I have a 28mm Meade Research Grade Abbe Ortho that is a very fine eyepiece, but I find myself at the lower magnifications always going to wider field eyepieces. Jaimo!
  4. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the compliments! On of these days I'll be offering them up for sale... However the shipping to Europe may be cost prohibitive. Thanks, Jaimo! a-case-for-astronomy.webs.com
  5. A couple of weeks... the finishing is what takes the time. Here, check out my latest with the Pleiades, Maple on Bubinga: Enjoy, Jaimo!
  6. I like to keep a cache of 0.965 eyepieces, just in case... Jaimo!
  7. I have just finished building a few small grab-n-go boxes: Enjoy, Jaimo!
  8. Here's my current lineup... 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm University Optics HD Abbe Orthos 4mm, 7mm, 10.5mm Meade Research Grade Abbe Orthos 9mm, 14mm 20mm Explore Scientific 100° 40mm Meade 5000 SWA 68° Outside of case: Jaimo!
  9. 7mm or 10.5mm Meade Research Grade Abbe Ortho, depending on condition or scope... Jaimo!
  10. I had a 32mm TeleVue Plössl with my ETX-90, nice combination if I remember correctly, it has been a while... Jaimo!
  11. Here's something I wrote up a few years ago, about my theory for choosing eyepieces for the ETX... In my experiences with the ETX-90 & ETX-125, I can get away with 3 or 4 eyepieces: First you will want an eyepiece that will give you a maximum field for the 1.25" focuser. This can be a 32mm Plössl (52° AFOV), a 24mm wide field (70° AFOV) or an 18mm ultra wide field (82° AFOV); I feel this is a must have EP for the ETX as is acts like a finder when the Autostar occasionally misses the target. At the other end of the spectrum, you will want an EP that will give you maximum "useful" magnific
  12. On my C8, I have the 9mm, 14mm & 20mm ES100's; I find that I use the 14mm is used the most out of the bunch. As the 8SE is a tracking scope, and the greater magnification is going to be used for planetary work, why not consider getting an ABBE Orthoscopic? University Optics still have a 7mm, 9mm, and 12.5mm in stock for ~$85 yeilding 290x, 225x & 162x respectively; these eyepieces can also be found used quite often at Astromart or the CloudyNights Classifieds section. In addition to the ES100's I use older 7mm & 10.5mm Meade Research Grade Orthos complimented with 6mm, 9mm &
  13. Thanks! My selection has changed a bit since the photo, on the right hand side I have a 40mm Meade 5000 SWA, 20mm ES100, 14mm ES100, 9mm ES100, & a 6.7mm ES82. The removable tray typically carries more narrow field & less glass eyepieces, planetary... either TV smoothie side plössls or UO HD & Meade RG Orthos, it varies depending on what plabet is up and my mood. In the bottom right I have a few colored filters, red flashlight, green laser pointer and a Howie Glatter collimator. Pretty much carry anything I need for my 8" SCT or 12" Dob. Jaimo!
  14. Here's my case... just finished it this spring. The top is made of Wenge, Betelgeuse is bloodwood, Rigel is holly, the rest of the stars are curly maple and the Nebula is zebra wood. Enjoy, Jaimo!
  15. Depends on the scope: C8 = 14mm ES100 ETX-125 = 24mm Meade 5000 SWA 80mm WO = 6.7mm Meade 5000 UWA Jaimo!
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