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  1. Yes hopefully, just need to save up for the cables. I have a philips webcam and just need a useable K3 type programme. Will Stellarium do the same job? I'm not too sure of all the programmes yet, I think the phrase 'vertical learning curve' may be applicable.
  2. Heya, I'm planning on doing a fair bit of astrophotography and thought it would be nice to hook the telescope up to the laptop. Got all of it sorted out right up until I tried installing K3ccdtools... Unfortunately K3 doesn't work with 64bit windows. Or doesn't want to on my laptop. Could you recommend an alternative program that will work just as well? Or is there a fix for this little hiccup? Thanks:)
  3. Turin

    Hello all :0)

    Hi all Sorry, I'm no good with intros, never know what to put... But I'm just starting out with my telescope and found this place. Real happy about that. Look forward to being about here for a good long while.
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