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  1. I have a guy who will only accept a cheque? Is that a bad idea?
  2. Ok, thanks for the advise. I'm gonna wait for a clear night and give it a go. Watch this space! (while I watch the big space ) Mark
  3. Another newbie here, can you give me any tips to view this on a Dob without scales?
  4. Fantastic image. Faulkes looks like a great project. Is it only available in the UK or would it extend to Ireland also?
  5. I think there is a competition running for the best pic of the Nanosail. Has anyone had a crack at it yet?
  6. Hi Guys, The weather looks bad for the weekend here, but do you have any tips for a newbie looking for this? Am I being too ambitious? Clear skies Mark
  7. I reckon the Chinese are already mining the moon You just saw the equipment moving about.
  8. Great work guys. Do you know of a reliable calculator for the dimensions? I believe getting one can be tricky.
  9. Great pics. Was this your webcam which you put up against the lens? Mark
  10. Nice job Marshal. I'm gonna have a crack at one of these for my Starhopper dob. I was thinking of using a gear rack and direct drive. Did you consider this? Was there a particular reason for using the threaded drive? Mark
  11. Well at least I will have some time to build a platform roll on 2020
  12. Yes, I think this could be a good plan. I'll do some more research and let you know how I get on.
  13. Gosh, astronomy is a long term hobby I have an 8in Dob, would I be able to get sufficient magnification on Mars or would tracking become the problem? Should March become my target date for my equatorial platform build?
  14. Fantastic image, hope I can post one like that before too long!
  15. I tried the advert on the US site. Got a very nice reply, but it was too expensive to post.
  16. Sean, Was thinking about the drive for the platform. What would you thing of using a flexible rack and driving it with a pinion or worm gear? It should give very steady smooth movement from a simple system. I think the work gear would be better if it could be mounted correctly. Mark
  17. Hello All,Do you know will people on the US site send to Europe? Would it be advisable to even ask? Mark
  18. Thanks for the support guys! Already spent a few cold nights looking at Saturn. Can't wait for the winter!
  19. No, Problem. I'll be back when I start into my mount! Mark
  20. We have about a dozen hens, one cockerel and a duck. Numbers go up and down as the years go by, and the fox gets hungry Rescue hens are a great idea because they are bred for laying. A friend of mind got about 20 and the all scrubbed up nicely after a few weeks TLC. If you get them give them a dose of Verm-X, its a natural wormer but it's also a bit of a tonic and helps them along.
  21. I'm sure it could be done, with a little bit of engineering. Perhaps if the bottom of the pier had lugs which located into keyhole on a receiving plate? Then you would just have to sit the pier in place, give it a twist and locked.
  22. Sean,Wow, your tracked picture is fantastic! I really do think I will have a go at this. I just have to finish of a hen house first! My brother in-law has a wood working shop, so I might ask a few favours Would it be OK to check back with you if I come across problems? Mark
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