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  1. Evening all! Raining heavily in Lincolnshire tonight so having a look through at some photos I've taken over the last couple of nights. Going through some from the morning of 11th Aug and noticed these 2 that I've attached. Can anybody shed some light onto if they are Perseids? They do seem bright, but I'm hoping somebody can tell me if i got lucky of not Both taken on 18mm lens, 13 second exposure at ISO1250. This is the first year I've really tried capturing some on film, have been inspired by some amazing pics shared on here recently. Fingers crossed for clear skies again very soon. Thanks in advance for any help and guidance
  2. Afternoon all, have been out the last couple of nights, (like loads of others!) trying to get some pictures of Jupiter. I've attached the best, any suggestions will be really useful as I hope to do better tonight! I used a SPC900nc webcam in a x2 barlow. My scope is a SW130p. My tracking is useless, only captured 255 frames (at 10fps) and stacked in Registax 6. Can I expect to get much more detail? Or am I at the limit of the equipment I have? Seem to struggle getting much more colour as well. Any help or guidance is really appreciated, can't wait to try again tonight. Thanks a lot!
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  5. Excellent colour! Nice one
  6. Good first pictures - I've got a 130 and am still trying!
  7. Excellent images - nice colour
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    Hi Sevs - welcome to the forum
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  12. That's excellent - well done. Best example I've seen for a long time
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    Welcome to the forum Ben!
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  15. Excellent pics there - well done!
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