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  1. can anyone explain to me how the orbit would work?? i can't get my head round it
  2. sorry for the long link name thingy UrtheCast | The Name the UrtheCast Camera Contest
  3. i personally opted for the 8inch skywatcher and love it. i also was unsure over whether to spend the extra on goto etc. i chose not to, but instead bought a few eyepieces, the baader hyperions which go well with the scope imho. ultimately it comes down to personal choice and portability hth
  4. welcome to the holy grail of forums
  5. hi, you're in the best place, welcome
  6. pfft, tiny little swimming pool tho!
  7. set to record, thanks for the heads up
  8. 8.30pm tonight is earth hour+ may as well just turn lights off at 8 and not turn them back on! do councils take part in this? they really should, get those streetlights out!
  9. friday nights out, not what they used to be
  10. thanks for the welcome msgs. i do have my eye on a telrad, i was also thinking of adding a 90 degree finder, a decent barlow and probably a 5mm and 8mm plossl for planet viewing. anything else come to mind? and is 5 - 8mm about right? im very green but very keen!
  11. hi, i would like to apologise, having been prowling through here trying to make a decision over my first scope, i have just taken the plunge and ordered a skywatcher skyliner 200p. ive decided to go with the dob so i can keep funds back for the endless add ons i have been dribbling over!! needless to say, now i have ordered, the clouds will roll in! happy gazing one and all
  12. i will be sure to look into that book, thanks
  13. so in theory imaging can be done with pretty much any scope so long as the mount is suitable? think im gona go for the 200p, will researchinto the eyepieces now. thanks again, im sure il be around very often asking and learning. im so excited, feel like a little child waiting for christmas again!!
  14. thanks for the replies, i will do more research into the mounts. i am primarily looking forward to the visual side of things, but just thought that if imaging was a simple upgrade away, i would quite like to go that route in the future. also, im just wondering, is the extra in price between the 150p and the 200p due to the scope being so much better, or the mount being sturdier to support it?? any help guys, thanks again
  15. I am a newbie here. Ive been through and through this site for a good while now, and finally decided to join up and say hello to you all the main purpose of my post though is some guidance for purchasing my first telescope. Ive come to a sort of stand-off with myself over either the skywatcher explorer 150p eq 3-2, 150pl eq 3-2, or the 200p eq5. having read through this site over the past week or so, i have arrived at the conclusion that the 150pl, not having the Dual-fit 1.25/2-inch Crayford focuser, is the lower on my list. and so, we arrive at my point of post... is the 200p the obvious choice or am i being lured into wanting bigger? around the £400 mark is what im looking to spend and would like to have the option of upgrading to astrophotography in the future. which is why i ruled out the dobs(was this wrong) anyways thanks in advance for any advice that is forthcoming, and i hope i wrote a lot more clearly than my head currently feels!
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