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  1. can anyone explain to me how the orbit would work?? i can't get my head round it
  2. sorry for the long link name thingy UrtheCast | The Name the UrtheCast Camera Contest
  3. i personally opted for the 8inch skywatcher and love it. i also was unsure over whether to spend the extra on goto etc. i chose not to, but instead bought a few eyepieces, the baader hyperions which go well with the scope imho. ultimately it comes down to personal choice and portability hth
  4. welcome to the holy grail of forums
  5. hi, you're in the best place, welcome
  6. pfft, tiny little swimming pool tho!
  7. set to record, thanks for the heads up
  8. 8.30pm tonight is earth hour+ may as well just turn lights off at 8 and not turn them back on! do councils take part in this? they really should, get those streetlights out!
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