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  1. This maybe of interest, have alook see DATSCOPE - Telescope mirror grinding machine and here DATSCOPE - Telescope mirror grinding machine I am in the final stages of building a similar Grinding/ polishing machine.
  2. OK no worries Ron I live in Bristol, where the Blue Glass Company are Based, 2 minutes from where I live, I'll get it cut there.
  3. Hello, I have the chance of about 7 pieces of Plate Glass, 711mm square @1 inch thick, would obviously need to be cut round for mirrors, I am not exactly sure if this is cheap or not, but I can have them for £140 each. it is top notch glass so Ive been told. I have been searching all over for this Glass, for my 28'' mirror project, I have been quoted wickedly high prices, then this came up, There will be 5 pieces up for sale, if anybody interested in buying some, let me Know, or if anybody has any thoughts on this. thanks lee.
  4. I would like to be there, I could bring My Binoscope scope Any Idea where on the welsh boarders it will be?
  5. I recon it would be a good idea to get in touch with someone who makes telescope mirrors for a living
  6. That do look Good! That shed behind, looks like it would be good with a sliding roof, or have it got one already? Your scope looks like a right proper job.
  7. People spend thousands on holidays, just for the memory, nothing really tangible, they cant actually touch it and often it was not that good really because they have gone back to where they did last year, but they did have a ''nice time'' and that's all they got for their few thousand £s, a nice time.
  8. They say it could be seen from earth, but what sort of gear would be needed ? My 12'' binocular telescope might be ready on time for this, if i pull me finger out! that is.
  9. For me, it is totally impossible to resist, but then why not! we are only here once, if you can manage to afford the money, then Buy it! it's good for the the soul! and your well being, makes us happy, nothing wrong with that. A lot of people i know, think nothing of going out for dinner in restaurants & buying home delivery meals 3 times a week, and that's on top of their normal weeks shopping, they spend tonns more than me, for what i spend on my hobbies.
  10. It's unbelievable, it's even effecting this hobby just cant understand how a minority can wield so much power over a majority Its all going to end in tears, Migrants ! Immigrants ! integration ! diversity! cohesion! diverse society! theses are good words Indigenous population! that's bad words ! :nono: Will soon be banned.
  11. To be honest, i do think that if you can look up at the night sky and bring all that is up there closer to to you, use any means possible! with what ever you have All the years i have looked up at the night sky (I am 41 now), and just thought to myself, those stars look nice/good, and that was it, carried on doing what i was doing, just a glance really. When i got those 25x100 and seen more than just flickers of light up there, i was totally fascinated, my thoughts were, should of got into the Astronomy thing years ago, now i cant stop! i want better views. A lot of people out in the USA use s
  12. I did consider Binoviewers, but for all the information i have gathered, they have just to many Con's, just not enough PRO'S
  13. Looks like i Hijacked Neons thread! Not my fault really. Sorry though , it wasn't deliberate
  14. Well, Like i said, when i took that first look through those giant binoculars, that sorted it for me, then got my 300p, it done the job OK, after sorting out a few things, down to my inexperience, finding my feet with regards eye pieces and learning what was what, i don't know if natural progression has taken over, i started looking at Giant Giant binos and came across people who have built them, It must stand to reason that we have 2 eyes, that is without doubt the natural way we should see things, couple that with what people who own these Binoscopes has said about their viewing experiences,
  15. I bought a pair of 25x100, I seen the The seven sisters (Pleiades ) and 'comet Holmes' that knocked me over seeing that through the Binos, never seen nothing like it before, , that was enough for me! So contacted Steve on the forum, got myself a Skywatcher 300P, now i am right into Astronomy, got to be with two eyes though Moved on bit further IMO, I am now in the process of building a 12'' bino scope, ordered another 300p from Steve, Believe it or not, cheaper to buy whole scope than mirror set in the UK, haven't known Steve long, but you can certainly do business with this good fellow! if y
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