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  1. That is impressive. All that connectivity has made it a small world indeed.
  2. I have an OIII filter and a UHC filter
  3. Tonite is a beautiful clear dark night and so out I went to do a little universe sight seeing. I recently bought two filters for nebula viewing and I wanted to try them out. I started in the Big Dipper. First place I found was M 108, edge-on galaxy. It looked exactly as Stellarium showed it would, except not quite as detailed. I was quite pleased with the find non the less. It looked pretty impressive to me. Then on to the Owl nebula, using the OIII filter. It was pretty cool, I wasn't sure if I was seeing the eyes, but I think I'll go with yes . I was waiting for the Big Dipper to get a bit higher in the sky so I could find the Whirlpool galaxy (I have alot of trees in my neighborhood) so in the meantime I swung east and got a magnificient view of Orion. Well since I was in that neighborhood I thought I should take a peek at the Orion Nebula. I think my jaw hit the deck. All I could say, and I did say it out loud, was Oh my God. That is spectacular, it just blew me away. I just gazed at it for quite some time. This by itself makes cold toes and fingers definately worth while. Now that I'm warmed up, I think I'll mosey on out again and watch the meteor shower. I hope you all had as good an evening as I've had.
  4. This is making sense, thank you... so I won't know if I have insufficient travel in the focuser until I have the filter wheel in place... now I need to find someone with the same scope and a filter wheel...
  5. I will only be using the filter wheel with eyepieces, will that make a difference??
  6. I may purchase a multiple filter wheel and the description says it requires additional 20mm focus travel. Please forgive my ignorance, does this mean I will also need an adapter of some kind? Thank you for your help
  7. This site is very friendly and helpful. No matter what questions I ask, even if its been asked before, I receive alot of helpful answers and good advice. Being new to owning a telescope, some of my questions have been really silly but the people who answer me have been so awesome with explanations, feedback, tips, and I really appreciate the time they put in. Thank you, what a great bunch :-)
  8. Now it all makes perfect sense, thank you very much. As I was reading all the posts I had an AHA moment...I'm getting slow in my old age :-). Thank you everyone, I really appreciate the help and advice.
  9. It wasn't damp here, so I'm a bit confused about the dew thing. What can I do to make sure it doesn't happen again ?
  10. Its a warm evening, and I hadn't been out very long... nothing like this happened over the summer even when I had been out for hours and the outside of the scope was damp, as well as my books...
  11. I've been watching Jupiter for awhile tonite and after a bit it was like looking at a reflection in water... the view through the eyepiece became wavy and shimmery. What made this happen ??
  12. I saw this camera on the Orion site and just wondered if anyone here has one and what comments they have about it. http://www.telescope.com/catalog/search.cmd?form_state=searchForm&keyword=Orion+StarShoot+G3+Deep+Space+Color+Imag Thanks
  13. What type of material did you use to make your cover?
  14. Forgive me for being so dense, if the scope is left outside there is a possibility of dew, if the scope is taken inside every night there is the possibility of some condensation... what is the best of two evils ? Our winters here are pretty cold, my thoughts were to tuck the scope in a sheltered corner of my deck, cloaked and covered with perhaps blankets or a sleeping bag, or even purchase the Green Witch cover - Cases, Bags and Covers for Telescopes and Other Optics.... I don't want to not use my scope in the winter, but I don't want to damage it either.
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