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  1. Well one of her things is she asks me how much I love her, and I usually pick one of the bigger things I know of. Say, Sirius, or Jupiter, or something along those lines, either is beyond my comprehension in size. And it's not like I can travel there in 20 minutes or something and be there for her so it's very difficult.

    Not long after my husband and I started our relationship, I asked him the same question. His reply was, "from here to there". When I asked him to clarify where 'there' was, and he said it was the end of the universe...It worked for me!!! :D

  2. My god man she is your girlfriend, send her some flowers not a picture of space. If you want to show her you care keep astronomy out of it, all that sending a pic of a DSO will show is you are thinking of astronomy and not her.

    Hmm, can't say I agree...my first scope was a surprise prezzie from my husband, and it cheered me up no end (much more than flowers)!!! Then again, perhaps I'm not a terribly good example! I still like shoes and pretty things though! But if you want to show that your feelings for her are of astronomical proportions, I quite like the rosette nebula idea. :)

  3. I would have thought playing the money card would get Councils to listen since everyone's preoccupied with what their tax money is being spent on. Then again, all it takes is one binge-drinker to sue the Council after tripping over a kerb and we are back to square one. Still, petitioning is worth a shot. It doesn't take long and we haven't got much to lose (except hopefully more light!).

    I think the issue with the streetlamp near my house is more directional than anything. Although it is quite bright, it wouldn't be so bad if it was just shining down on the street, and not the carpark opposite plus three gardens beyond into mine! I'm not quite sure what all that light is for, apart from helping burglars find their way into my property.

    Oh well, rant over...I've had decent results before from using Fix My Street, so will give that a go again. I didn't know about light trespass before, but glad to have found that out today!

  4. Careful with those words, you will have the treehuggers out with thier political correct pitchforks. (with corks on the end for health and safety reasons)

    Hahahaha...You just made my day!

    As long as you dont look to close, 30 houses in our street- 6 boarded up, 2 derilict shells behind us, most of the rest teenage single mums, and 2 drug dealers.

    I hope you live in a fortress! Don't want anyone trying to fund their drug habit by flogging off your scopes!

  5. Thanks for all the feedback...really learning a lot here! :D

    Meant to say, I think using a barlow is likely to reduce quality in the short term as you're creating a larger image from the same amount of light and making life more difficult for yourself.

    It did look like that was the case (using x2)...a bit similar to taking a lo-res pic and stretching it, I guess...but as the seeing possibly wasn't as good as it could have been, it's a little difficult to tell. We'll try it again with the barlow next time and see if the result's the same.

  6. Out of interest would a Barlow help?

    We did try it with a Barlow, but that did not seem to greatly improve quality. :D

    It also seems to be true that even though the sky can look clear to the eye it can be nowhere near good enough for imaging.

    Yeah, this is my suspicion as Saturn looked clear enough through the eyepiece.

    Anyway, just to recap...Scope properly collimated, tried with Barlow, also tested with our Bahtinov mask (sorry forgot to mention this before), sky clear to begin with but once imaging started noticed thin layer of cloud, and also dew on mirror. I'm just going through all the possibilities here to see if I have left anything out. We did also remove webcam later and checked again through eyepiece and again Saturn did look alright...this makes me think either it's webcam settings or like what James said above about it being clear enough to view but not clear enough to image.

    Although we did try many different settings, I can't quite remember what they all were, so I'm not going to say we tried every possible combination. Hopefully, on the next clear night we'll be able to have another go and try out James' suggestion...and maybe do it at a different time too, when Saturn's higher.

    Thanks for all the advice guys...Fingers crossed!

  7. Haha...well, there you go - 07:01 is where he explains why he's had to sensationalise the series. If he had a gun he probably would use it to shoot all those people who turn over to watch Corrie.

    I think I like him better when he's not in 'showbiz' mode. Also, now I can't help but notice his teeth!!! It's all I can see, especially during that parabolic flight scene! :D

    Thanks for sharing this...It's ace!

  8. As it has been said many times, if it's bringing astronomy to the masses.....

    I do often wonder how well it is working though...There's no denying that astronomy is experiencing a bit of a renaissance, but the response could be from people who already have some level of interest in astronomy (however small), but didn't know where to start. What about those in whom the 'spark' doesn't even exist?

  9. Thanks for the advice...Scope's a Skywatcher Explorer 150P (which I understand is better for viewing DSO than planets), and has been properly collimated (according to David, since he was the one who did it!). We did also try with a barlow, but that did not greatly improve matters.

    Btw, the streetlamp comment was a joke...We have previously had decent viewings through our scope in spite of its presence. It is still an annoyance, however.

  10. ...especially with one as rubbish as mine?


    That's actually just a screenshot as it was so bad there was no point trying to stack it...there is also a (very short) video of it here.

    In my defence, it was my first time imaging Saturn. The night started out so well - sky was clear, neighbour next door was out (so lights were off...though cannot do much about streetlamps), and I'd just had a lovely dinner (very important variable)...so hubby and I decided we would set it all up in the back garden.

    We'd seen Saturn a few weeks before when it looked really sharp through our scope, and although it didn't look as brilliant this time, it still wasn't bad. We could both spot Titan, and David (pook on here) claimed he could see the shadow of Saturn's rings. Anyway, we decided to go ahead with the imaging.

    That's when it all started to go wrong...we just couldn't get a clear image of Saturn at all, and we couldn't work out why. After awhile, we noticed there was actually a thin layer of cloud slowly covering Saturn (no idea where it came from), and could also see dew on the mirror. Could this be why my Saturn looks like this?

    Also, is it meant to look so...orange? Has it got something to do with my eyes, my screen settings, something I did when setting up the webcam, or all of the above? There was a streetlight happily casting its glow in our general direction. In other circumstances, I would consider it benign, but in this instance, I have decided to blame it for scuppering my efforts last night! :D

    Oh well, better luck next time...

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