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  1. Thanks, all! Hehe...I look forward to the day when I lay claim to that too!
  2. Not long after my husband and I started our relationship, I asked him the same question. His reply was, "from here to there". When I asked him to clarify where 'there' was, and he said it was the end of the universe...It worked for me!!!
  3. I too am just starting with Messier and Lunar 100 before progressing on to the more professional CNGC. Thanks for the link to the software...gonna go check it out.
  4. Hmm, can't say I agree...my first scope was a surprise prezzie from my husband, and it cheered me up no end (much more than flowers)!!! Then again, perhaps I'm not a terribly good example! I still like shoes and pretty things though! But if you want to show that your feelings for her are of astronomical proportions, I quite like the rosette nebula idea.
  5. Well, after not being able to work out why we couldn't get a decent image of Saturn, finally...a result! We had the scope exchanged due to a fault (flares when imaging stars), and when we re-tried imaging Saturn again, the pic turned out alright! I know it's still not as brilliant compared to some others on here, but compared to last time, it's a tremendous improvement!
  6. ruiyyanko

    Things in the Sky

    ...as seen through my skeletope. View more of our astro images here - http://tiny.cc/astro-imaging
  7. I would have thought playing the money card would get Councils to listen since everyone's preoccupied with what their tax money is being spent on. Then again, all it takes is one binge-drinker to sue the Council after tripping over a kerb and we are back to square one. Still, petitioning is worth a shot. It doesn't take long and we haven't got much to lose (except hopefully more light!). I think the issue with the streetlamp near my house is more directional than anything. Although it is quite bright, it wouldn't be so bad if it was just shining down on the street, and not the carpark opposite plus three gardens beyond into mine! I'm not quite sure what all that light is for, apart from helping burglars find their way into my property. Oh well, rant over...I've had decent results before from using Fix My Street, so will give that a go again. I didn't know about light trespass before, but glad to have found that out today!
  8. Hahahaha...You just made my day! I hope you live in a fortress! Don't want anyone trying to fund their drug habit by flogging off your scopes!
  9. Thanks for all the feedback...really learning a lot here! It did look like that was the case (using x2)...a bit similar to taking a lo-res pic and stretching it, I guess...but as the seeing possibly wasn't as good as it could have been, it's a little difficult to tell. We'll try it again with the barlow next time and see if the result's the same.
  10. We did try it with a Barlow, but that did not seem to greatly improve quality. Yeah, this is my suspicion as Saturn looked clear enough through the eyepiece. Anyway, just to recap...Scope properly collimated, tried with Barlow, also tested with our Bahtinov mask (sorry forgot to mention this before), sky clear to begin with but once imaging started noticed thin layer of cloud, and also dew on mirror. I'm just going through all the possibilities here to see if I have left anything out. We did also remove webcam later and checked again through eyepiece and again Saturn did look alright...this makes me think either it's webcam settings or like what James said above about it being clear enough to view but not clear enough to image. Although we did try many different settings, I can't quite remember what they all were, so I'm not going to say we tried every possible combination. Hopefully, on the next clear night we'll be able to have another go and try out James' suggestion...and maybe do it at a different time too, when Saturn's higher. Thanks for all the advice guys...Fingers crossed!
  11. Haha...well, there you go - 07:01 is where he explains why he's had to sensationalise the series. If he had a gun he probably would use it to shoot all those people who turn over to watch Corrie. I think I like him better when he's not in 'showbiz' mode. Also, now I can't help but notice his teeth!!! It's all I can see, especially during that parabolic flight scene! Thanks for sharing this...It's ace!
  12. I do often wonder how well it is working though...There's no denying that astronomy is experiencing a bit of a renaissance, but the response could be from people who already have some level of interest in astronomy (however small), but didn't know where to start. What about those in whom the 'spark' doesn't even exist?
  13. Not done any imaging with it in place yet, but probably will try that soon. Laser cutter at college
  14. Maybe you could start online either here or some networking site like meetup, and see how many people are interested...then when enough people are involved, you can brainstorm to decide where to take it from there. Hope this helps, and good luck.
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