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  1. Thank you Neil H and Cornelius Valley. Yes, I suspected FOV, so I think when calibrating the Starsense, I will use gradually shorter focal length eyepieces until I have the target centred with the lowest I have ( a 5mm I think). That will maybe do the trick. Best Regards V
  2. Hi All, A question about alignment on astro targets ... I always set up in the following way :- 1) Align Tripod and Mount pointing North. 2) Polar align using Polemaster. 3) Calibrate scope using Celestron Star Sense 4) GOTO target (in this case VEGA) - VEGA is slightly to one side in my 25mm eyepiece. 5) Calibrate STARSENSE using VEGA - swap to a 15mm eyepiece and centre VEGA. 6) Perform a STARSENSE AUTO alignment once again. After these steps, whichever target I choose, it ALWAYS appears smack in the centre of my eyepiece .... HOWEVER ....
  3. Thank you Dr.Strange and JoshHopk for your advice. I have done as everyone here has advised and got it working really well now - thank you all !! V
  4. johnoelliott Thank you for your reply. Just for clarification, I use Polemaster 1st before anything else. Shimrod Thank you for your reply - my firmware versions are all up to date. I will maybe look into using CPWI/Starry Night or similar software to control the mount. Kind Regards V
  5. Hello all! A question for all you Starsense users out there ... When I do an auto align with Starsense, it duly goes through it's routine of moving the scope to different star targets and resolves each one fine (5 targets I believe). Then it displays on the handset "StarSense Ready". At this point the telescope tube is always pointing in some random direction - is this how yours behaves after it finishes alignment ? Just pointing at the last star it used as a target reference ? At this point I usually set my scope to go to it's "HOME" position, but whenever I "GOTO
  6. Many thanks Michael8554. I'll give it a go! Thank you for taking the time to explain. Cheers V.
  7. Hi CraigT82, Yes, I think I must be out of focus - maybe I need to add a T-Adapter or length of tube to the scopes eyepiece and add the camera then - could be my Celestron 8 inch reflector just doesn't have enough back focus. I will try it. Many thanks!
  8. JohninDerby :- Thank you for your reply. Yes have tried all frames rates. When first starting Altair Capture and activating the camera, it settles at about 97 fps. I have altered it right down to 15 fps and then gone up in very small steps - still nothing. Bruno: Thank you for your reply. Yes, tried all sorts of settings on the gain - still just a black screen unfortunately. Have tested the sensor - it picks up light and dark - all seems well with the camera (should be it's brand new!). Maybe it's a driver issue although the camera is showing up detected fine i
  9. Help ! Novice Imager needing guidance Firstly my equipment :- Celestron C8-N Relector Telescope + Polemaster and Starsense, Advanced VX GOTO EQ Mount, Altair GP-CAM 290C, HP 250 G7 laptop ( Intel Core i5-8265U 1.6GHz, 16GB DDR4, 256GB SSD). The Issue Polar aligned using Pole-Master, followed by StarSense setup. Everything bang on, and looking through eyepiece super sharp and clear stars. Swapped eyepiece out (1.25 inch 25mm) and replaced with Altair GP-CAM 290C, and plugged into Usb Port on laptop. Fired up Altair Capture software and connected camera in softw
  10. Hello and welcome! You will find lots of great, friendly advice on here! I started originally with a 5 inch reflector (Skywatcher 130M) on an EQ mount. This was motorised so it could track across the sky, and I could take the odd astrophotography image. I would definately recommend a reflector starting out, and maybe take a look at a SKYWATCHER EXPLORER 150P on an EQ3-2 mount. I have seen it here for a reasonable £278.00 http://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/skywatcher-explorer-150p-eq3-2-telescope.html You could also check out First Light Optics website and see if th
  11. Many thanks to everyone for your input - it is appreciated. Olly - interesting that you mention the 130 reflector there - I have a skywatcher 130 so may well utilise that more - thanks for the advice.
  12. Hi Peter, Many thanks for your reply - I will make a note of that! Cheers
  13. Hi all, My current equpiment includes the following :- Celestron C8-N Telescope + Starsense / Skywatcher 130M Celestron Advanced VX GOTO EQ Mount Canon EOS 1100D DSLR QHY 5-II Colour Cmos Planetary/Guide Camera I am looking at adding a refractor to give me different options when imaging, and also one that would decrease the weight on the AVX mount (which to be honest handles the C8N fine - and that is quite a heavy piece of kit). I don't have a lot to spend, and wondered if something like this might be good ? http://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/bresser-messier-ar-102s600-hexafoc-optical-tube-a
  14. Hi Chris, I splashed out on the VX mount early last year, and amazingly the mount was cheaper with a Celestron 8 inch Netwonian as a package than it was to buy on it's own (that was Rother Valley Optics at the time - great price). The mount is awesome, you would not be disappointed, and the scope is just terrific - much much better than people think. I managed to secure a brand new Canon E100D DSLR for £199 which was on offer at Amazon at the time (yep, if you search the offers are there), and also have a Celestron Starsense just arrived (again which is just great). Am just deciding whether t
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