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  1. Yeah was looking forward to this and hoping for a few breaks in the sky but no luck.
  2. Have to agree great site and lots of help anytime I asked for help.
  3. Thanks guys for the replies lots of food for thought. I will probably have to reconsider the budget and maybe hold back a mth or 2. Have to say the Skywatcher Evostar 80ED DS-Pro Outfit looks an interesting option.
  4. Thanks for the advice. Given the £500 budget is there any other scope that could be used or adjusted to allow birding photos and some astronomy. JOhn.
  5. I am mainly interested in photography and do a lot of bird photography using a Canon 50D. I am considering a scope that will allow digiscoping and also allow me to take some photos of the moon etc and maybe some amateur astronomy. I have been looking at the Celestron Regal 80F -ED. The reviews and sample photos from birding forums have been very good. From an astronomy point of view how much can I expect to see through it and what quality of photos can I expect. It is pretty much at the top of my budget at around £500. John.
  6. Recently bought a pair of Bushnell O2 10x42 cost just over £100 in the shops but got them on Amazon for £58. A bit heavy but otherwise great binoculars.
  7. Thanks for the help. I would love to shoot the moon in more detail. Otherwise not that concerned and mainly interested from an observing point of view. My main interest in photography is nature and landscape. I only see me using it for astrophoimaging for the moon. An eclipse etc. John.
  8. I have been looking at EXPLORER-150PL (EQ3-2) http://www.firstlightoptics.com/proddetail.php?prod=SW150PL dosen't seem to have motors. Anything else I am missing and how would you rate this for my purpose. I can go a bit more budget wise rather than buy too cheap and have to upgrade later. John.
  9. With Jeffs scope now sold I am checking here and ebay. Can anyone give me some pointers as to what I should be looking for in a scope for imaging. There are so many out there and I am sure not all will suit my purpose and many are for viewing only. Any brands in particular or scopes specifically designed for imaging etc as the variety and price range is pretty much mind boggling to a new comer. John.
  10. Thanks guys. I have left a message for Geoff.
  11. I have a Canon 350 DSLR along with the kit lens and a Sigma 70 - 300 APO lens. I got some great pictures of the eclipse in March this year. Well I thought they were good untill I saw what was on here. I don't have a telescope as yet so what would I need to get started. I am mainly interested in shots of planets and when not photographing a scope that I can use to observe and learn the various constellations. Price range under £500 John.
  12. False economy comes to mind here. How much is a 2nd hand film SLR going to cost. Now add on the cost of film and developing. The fact you can shoot off an entire roll of film only to get it back and find the exposure is wrong and it was completely wasted. Not to mention you need to use the entire roll before you can leave the film in for developing so you have the waiting factor to see your pictures. No option to post process etc. The cost of numerous rolls of film plus developing would go a long way towards a DSLR especially as they are coming down in price so quickly. John.
  13. chkm8

    Yet another newbie

    Hey another Liverpool fan. Things are looking up. Pardon the pun.
  14. chkm8

    Yet another newbie

    Hi Guys, Found the forum on dpreviews a digital photography forum I am a long term member of. Just had a browse and was struck by the friendliness of the members. I live in N.Ireland and moved to the the countryside 3yrs back. No street lights and very few other houses. The night skys are fantastic and as someone who loves the countryside, nature etc I couldn't believe the skys here after I moved house. I have spent many hrs looking at the skys and hope to learn some of the constellations. As a keen photographer I will be considering a scope and preferably one that allows attaching a DSLR (Canon 350). I will probably disappear now for a while and lurk in the background trying to learn a bit before embaressing myself with stupid questions. Anyway look forward to spending some time here and if I get set up with a scope etc maybe post some photos. Budget would have to be under £500 / approx $1000 so any suggestions welcome. John.
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