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  1. I like em - a bit crazy and cool
  2. Great times - think I'm due a good night soon
  3. Don't give up - the rewards are too great. The 10mm Eyepiece should only be used for Planets & the Moon until you get a bit more experienced. The 20mm is the one to use on stars/dso's ect. This is not ideal - a 32mm would be better. It sounds to me like the finder is not aligned properly, I agree with Big Daddy, red dot finders are not as good as finder scopes. Get the moon centered in your eyepiece (it is currently rising in the south) and make sure the red dot is centred in the middle. Pick a star - Spica is the brightest one, directly above the moon to the right and try and get that in the EP. The next brightest object above that is Saturn and so on and so on. Download Stellarium - it is free and awesome! If that doesnt work you may need to colliminate the scope (the mirrors are out of alignment) Use the 20mm for everything - until you feel more comfortable then go for the 10mm. Good luck
  4. Either should give you a good view of Saturn. Do you know where to look in the sky? I can help you if you don't When you say "focusing in on a star" is the image blurred - polo like or you just cant see it in the EP? Finally (sorry for so many questions) Is the scope second hand or new?
  5. Seeing all these graet pics make me want to start imaging!!!!!!!!
  6. Great pic - no let me change that - Awesome pic!!!!!!!!!
  7. Astronomy is a way of understanding ourselves. A man (or woman) can stand in his garden, stare up at the sky and the see the faint light from a glimmering star that left before his race even existed. That compared to shall I wear the red or the blue tie to work gives a little perspective on things.
  8. Didn't see it - wish I had, never seen one before
  9. costeveol

    Hi guys

    Welcome back
  10. costeveol

    Hi all

    Welcome to SGL
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