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  1. I've just been out for an hour. Good views of Jupiter and Orion but the moon was too bright to see much else...... then the clouds rolled in!! Ah well!
  2. I am now the proud owner of a pair of Opticron 16 x 80 bimoculars and I love them. Not had much chance to use them as yet. However I have looked at the moon and Saturn through them and am amazed at the clarity and sharpness of the view! Should have got these years ago!! Thanks for all the advice everyone. It was very useful!
  3. That's all good then. Thanks for all the advice guys. Now all I heed to decide is where to get them from. Any thoughts? Cheers, Katie
  4. Do these bins have the wherewithal to attach to a tripod? If so, is it any particular tripod or a standard one? Cheers, Katie
  5. Thanks Mike and Peter. That helps a lot. I just need to persuade my hubby that I really do need another pair of binoculars!!
  6. Hi guys. I'm thinking about upgrading to a pair of Opticron 16 x 80 binoculars. Can anybody tell me if they're any good and are they worth getting? Cheers, Katie.
  7. Was up at 03:45 this morning and the sky was clear. I saw Orion, the Pleides and Taurus very clearly through my binoculars. It was like seeing old friends again and I was very excited. Jupiter and Venus looked beautiful and I can't wait to see them through my 'scope at a reasonable time of the night! I love astronomy!!
  8. 63 (but I only feel about 33!)
  9. It's amazing, isn't it! I always make sure I go out to have a look at it. If you go to the ISS website, you will find a link to station sightings and you can put in your location data and get a list of the dates and times that it is visible from where you are! Fab-u-lous!
  10. My first scope was a Konus Digimax 90. It was a great little scope and I learnt a lot about astronomy with it. I passed it onto my eldest son when I upgraded and now he loves it as much as i did.
  11. Not so early!! I've got to wait 'til next week to get it from FLO and then i need a clear night (when i haven't had a glass of wine or two) to play with it. I don't trust myself with sensitive astronomical equipment after I've had a glass of wine! I'm quite happy to take my bins out but holding them steady can be a problem!
  12. After a frustrating search for the Orion, I've ordered the Skywatcher from First Light Optics together with the shoe to fit in on my 'scope. Can't wait to get them!
  13. Hi Brantuk. I just checked out the Orion RACI at Telescope House but unfortunately they're sold out!! I'll have a look round at other suppliers and see if i can get one elsewhere. Failing that, I'll get the Skywatcher. Thanks for your advice. Very useful as usual!
  14. OK guys. I'll have a look at the Skywatcher as well as the Orion. By the way, I woke up this morning at about 5:30 and the sky was soooo clear! It was amazing. However, I'm not a morning person and decided that it was too cold to go outside and I needed more sleep!! I did see the ISS going over so all wasn't lost! Does anybody get up at ridiculous times to stargaze? (You're all going to put me to shame now aren't you!!)
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