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  1. Hello matt, I am also new to astronomy and i am also from plymouth, I've used bino's for years, I've got a pocket size pair of 8x25's, these give me a good view and only cost £10. I also have 10-30x50 which cost £14 from lidl. But eventually i had to get myself a scope and bought a skywatcher 150pl which comes with everything you need for hours of good viewing, Im impressed with the quality but I've really got the bug now and want to get a bigger scope. If you want to meet up sometime I would be glad to show you some stuff. welcome cheers Adam.
  2. Hello fellow astronomers, I don't know about you but I'm really bored with the weather right now on Dartmoor. It's really nice during the day so I get all set up for some viewing and as soon as it gets dark the clouds arrive, boo hoo. I don't know what to do with myself. I hope somebody out there is having more luck than me. cheers Adam:(
  3. Adamski


    Hi, I managed to see mercury with the naked eye last night right next to jupiter, would'nt have expected that. I'm a bit frustrated as the skies were clear but the gibbous moon was so bright I could'nt really see anything else, the moon is amazing but I want to try and find globular clusters and galaxies.
  4. Hi, I'm having trouble finding how to post my messages, I look at other messages but can not find how to write my own, help, I'm a newcomer to astronomy and computing, I welcome any advice. cheers Adamski.
  5. hi all, i'm really new to this so having trouble working out how to use sgl.I'm well happy cos I just saw mercury, got some gorgeous skies tonight so Im going to view saturn a bit later. I think I'm gonna try and find my first galaxy while I'm waiting. should be fun.
  6. yeah; just found mercury with a stroke of luck. small but there. looking forward to saturn later as the sky is the best its been for me so far, can't wait.
  7. Hello, I'm very new to this hobby, I just recently bought a 150pl from first light optics and the delivery was quick and I'm well happy with the scope, still learning how to use it. I've seen jupiter low in the sky but saturn looks very good, even with low mag, i would recommend this scope to any newcomer, its easy to use with standard eq3-2 mount and it does come with tripod. A good purchase.
  8. Adamski


    Skywatcher explorer 150pl on eq3-2 25mm,10mm ep's 2x barlow philips spc900 webcam 10-30x50 bino's 8x25 bino's
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