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  1. Hi guys, I realise this is an old thread. I'm a big fan of Terry and Michael at SX, for that matter, most of the camera makers are good folks, IMO. Just to back SX up, yes- this is such a common and insignificant issue. I think almost every CCD has, or will have it. Dark lines too. 'Bad columns' are a CCD spec. used with regard to video performance only, and not what we do. Further, as stated, these aren't 'bad columns.' A single warm or hot pixel can spill its charge over in this way. I believe the pixel's 'wall' may be weak as well. To some degree, a master bias may take care of it, but it's
  2. Thanks so much everyone! I've posted some amendments to the book here and will continue to update the document if anything else is found.
  3. Hi all, I've become rather complacent these days, posting new images to Facebook rather than forums. It's easy to broadcast to several imaging groups there, but I don't want those wise enough to stay away from social media, to miss out. ;>) If you have some free time, please visit Billions and Billions for the latest. There are many new galaxies from the CTIO scope, and some nebulae as well. The very latest are Henize 70 and NGC 2997. Please enjoy and thanks for your time! Be sure to follow the 'Large' links to Flickr.
  4. Marky, I promise you- I 'm the last guy you want to sort out the clouds- they follow me wherever I go! Thanks again for the kind words, I did, and continue to work very hard to do the best job I can.
  5. Thanks very much to all of you for your support!
  6. Hello mates, It's been a very long time since I've been able to share any new work with my UK friends. At your convenience, please have a nice cosmic visit to my Flickr Photostream. You'll need a Yahoo account. https://www.flickr.com/photos/14298125@N08/ There are also some less current postings here- https://youpic.com/photographer/dahenhouse/warren-a.-keller-from-west-virginia-united-states-specialises-in-astrophotography?flow=pic Thanks for your time friends!
  7. I love the French Press avatar! It certainly took some good coffee to get these tutorials done over a three-year period. Thanks to FLO for becoming our UK dealer. We look forward together, to helping many users of PixInsight become proficient and comfortable using this terrific program.
  8. New rendition of old friends.
  9. Enjoy a new version of an old favorite- www.billionsandbillions.com/bode.html
  10. Here is a new Rosette processed by myself and supplied by New Mexico Skies observing mate Mike Miller's rig. Enjoy!
  11. Thank you guys for catching the description error!! And yes Quatermass, it's Noel's latest plugin 'More Fluffy less Crunchy'. ;>))
  12. Hello all, I'm pleased to share my version of the 'fluffy' NGC 3521 with you- Enjoy! http://billionsandbillions.com/ngc_3521.html
  13. Hello friends, Hope all's well. Great seeing several of the imagers at NEAF last week- Dean, Josh, Eric, etc. Here are a couple of new galaxy images. If you have some free time, feel free to wander around Billions and Billions as many images have been tweaked- I'd like to think for the better. Enjoy! http://billionsandbillions.com/flying_saucer.html http://billionsandbillions.com/draco_trio.html If you find yourself in Maine this June, be sure to attend and support the Starstruck Exhibition! http://www.bates.edu/museum/exhibitions/upcoming/starstruck/ Thanks for looking.
  14. Hi guys, Here is the head of the Seagull. I think I like this one! I'd also love to get a wide field of the bird this winter. Enjoy... NGC 2327 at Billions and Billions.com- Astro-Imaging
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