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  1. Awesome idea. I saw it on cloudy nights and a google search brought me here. I'm going to have an insert turned for a spare adapter piece that I have lying around. Watch this space but it should be neat
  2. Cheers mate, my Hyperion zoom services 24mm. Very sharp but slightly narrow. I think I'll give the max vision a whirl for a bit of veriaty
  3. Sweeeet! Anyone want to buy a panaview?? :-P Cheers guys
  4. Thanks dude, is this 1.25? It looks like 2" but it doesn't say in the spec?Edit 50mm sorry (I'm with stupid) :-/
  5. Cheers guys I detect an emerging pattern. Now to find a uk supplier!
  6. Thanks for the pointers I'll check them out later
  7. Hi James, yes they do it. Was just wondering if there was anything similar really before I take the plunge. I do rate the 32mm one so am on the verge of getting the 26.I loved my old meade 4000 but it was 1.25..
  8. I'm looking for a 2" eyepiece at 26mm to bridge the gap in my current collection. Would like to pay less than £70 ideally. I have a 32 panaview which I rate. It's for an f10 mak if that makes a difference. Would anyone recommend anything other than the panaview? Regs, Andy
  9. Please note this is not me or anything to do with me. I just shared because I thought it was quite nifty. Cheers, Andy
  10. Yes I've got my eye on the FLO star sense thread. Awesome bit of equipment. It's just where to mount it becasue the surfer is staying
  11. Very nicely kitted out! I guess I'll be ditching my tripod in favour of an eq at some stage. Have you upgraded your focuser? Was thinking about a feathertouch or similar.. Maybe a crayford..
  12. Yes the guy sold it with a celestron dew shield and I've since bought a DIY dew controller with 2 ports and 2 dew straps. Nice little box thing off astro buy and sell. Can't wait to get it out with all of these bits. Should be a cracking little scope I have an urge to tune things. At lest this is cheaper than playing with engines (just)
  13. Hi yes it's the baader zoom, not had first light yet with all this low pressure so I can't really comment but I'm hoping it lives up to the hype. Fumbling about in the dark with expensive eye pieces makes me nervous so the zoom seems like a good bet. It was all bog standard when I got it at the beginning of jan. I don't want to work out what I've spent on line really. Eek! Once I've optimised everything hopefully the weather will let me use it! I've got a wing thing coming and want to fit a small GLP somewhere at some point possibly. Not fussed about a focuser upgrade just yet. Oh and bobs nobs are in the post too..
  14. Arrived from 365 this morning and it's now on my scope. VERY impressed. Rock solid and beautifully made. So many lovely touches and design features. Looks great on my nexstar and bolts right on where the stock finder was. Lovely product. Still cloudy though :-/
  15. Nice one admins. Waay better than the last one. Very cool
  16. +1. I added mine in green but then noticed everyone was blue oops
  17. Not answering your question but I don't know why they didn't thread the lens for 1.25" filters when in 2" mode. Would have been sensible.
  18. How much is that rushing you? (if you don't mind me being nosy) cant find any for sale in the UK. Seems like an awesome imaging scope..
  19. Cheers all, after trawling through all the info you said It's been shelved due to school policies. They want me to show equipment during school hours which seems a bit pointless if we cant look at the stars! Thanks for the info none the less, i think i'll end up buying something
  20. Just ordered Bobs Nobs and JMI hand control bracket. More waiting...
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