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  1. ...besides, there is another fault with the Orion, the focuser won't go in far enough, so the camera will never focus... I will look into the astro track. Seems the best option for me.
  2. "Work it out" in what sense? I have the Orion Accutrack SVD, I set the scope in the centre of the mount to point to Polaris, set the Accutrack to "N" for northern hemisphere, RA at 55.7º, fresh battery, no matter what speed I set it to, objects disappear out of the eyepiece at the same rate. What else do I need to "work out"?
  3. Hey guys, I currently have a couple of scopes (a 10" Skywatcher Dob, and a 6" Orion EQ mount). Neither of which are any good for taking photos. At best I can get a 1" exposure on the dob, and never been able to get the tracking to work properly on the Orion, so all of my photos are taken at a really high ISO to get any depth, but naturally that brings much unwanted noise into the picture. What I'm looking for is something that I can use decent exposure times with, and portable. I don't want a huge behemoth with guidescopes, laptops and cables everywhere, since I am always mobile. I never use t
  4. Ironically, the dob sports this, but the Orion / EQ doesn't. I found an adaptor without the extra tubing on ebay. So I'll wait until that arrives and see how I get on there
  5. Thanks Lewis, this would certainly explain the problem. I wonder if the manufactured non-barlowed adaptors are the same length as a barlowed adaptor minus the lens, or if they have been shortened to compensate for the focussing issue? If not, can anyone can reccommend a good (short) T-adaptor that will overcome the focusing issue? there seems to be a lot of unnecessary tubing on the Celestron one I have. Definitely looking at getting a bahtinov mask now too. I looked on ebay, but they seem scope-specific, and none appear to be available for the Orion Skyview Deluxe 6". If anyone knows whe
  6. I managed to sort the RA motor drive; it turned out a grub screw had worked its way loose. Any suggestions why I'm getting blank pics - and not seeing anything through the viewfinder/ live view (except the moon and venus)? It just doesn't seem to make any sense.
  7. Yes, it also states "Orion Skyview Deluxe 6" EQ (+ drive)" I also mentioned in the opening post that the scope was polar aligned. I don't think that's an option with a dobsonian.
  8. I'm using venus as the focusing point, as it's the only thing the camera will see. Then moving the scope round to a rough area of where I want to take a photo (I have to guess as I can't see anything in either live view or the viewfinder).. I'm using a Celestron Barlow T-adaptor - 1 1/4" Model #93640 with Canon T-RingI've also tried removing the magnifier which makes the adaptor into a barlow, but then the focuser won't go in far enough to obtain focus.
  9. I tried my hand at astrophotography last week, but unfortunately it seems an impossible task. I have a camera adaptor but it only seems to 'see' two bright objects; The moon and Venus (even these are quite rough quality). Even when I point the camera in the general direction of the stars and leave the shutter open for 30 seconds or more, it just takes a black photo - If I lay the camera on the floor pointing up with a standard lens and use the same settings (800 ISO etc..), it takes thousands of stars. Yet nothing through the telescope. I'm using an Orion Accutrack SVD Precision motor drive, b
  10. We've had many good clear dark skies in the Scottish Borders, except the night when something spectacular happens... The one word that springs to mind, is 'typical'
  11. Hi guys, I have been getting into astrophotography. Admittedly, I only have a basic setup, but I can never get anything in crystal clear focus through the telescope. There's nothing wrong with my camera (Canon 7D), as it takes crystal clear images through any normal lens. I have tried taking photos of the moon, since I can see this through the 'live view' mode on the camera's display. When I use the zoom function in live view mode, it doesn't matter how long I spend on focussing, it just seems impossible to get any decent clarity (this is before actuating the shutter). I can't understand why.
  12. I got one of these kits for Christmas, I've not assembled it yet. I do have the British instructions, but again, no illustrations. Do you happen to have the URL of this site to hand? It would certainly help somewhat. I'll let you know how my build goes...
  13. Just found this thread after posting here: http://stargazerslounge.com/astro-lounge/161123-sgl-calenders-book.html I just got the free Sky at Night one, and most of the photos aren't great (better than I could do, but nothing compared to the quality of photos I've seen posted here). Anyway, that sparked off my interest to get myself a decent calendar (I missed last year's batch being a newcomer here), so I thought I'd look on here. But alas, it seems I've missed out again. So I'm now wondering if anyone knows of any other companies that are selling astronomy calendars?
  14. Indeed, I'm after a calendar too.. I missed out last year. I only found out about the calendars over half way through the year, although there was no discount (couldn't justify paying for a full priced calendar with only a few months left to go). However, I wouldn't mind one this year, so I'm expressing my interest early to make sure I get full use of it
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