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  1. Thanks for the nice feedback Paul. I'm lucky where I am because although I live close to a city centre, light pollution is not too bad. It is only really a problem to the east. I am not overlooked by any direct street lighting, security lights etc which makes a major difference. One of the reasons for these early morning sessions is that domestic light is not added into the equation, and although I guess it only makes a small percentage of the overall amount of LP, every light that's off makes a small difference. The binos that I use were bought on SGL a while ago. They are Meade 9x63s, roof
  2. Very inspiring! What limits most of our activities in UK is the quality of the skies - light pollution being a key factor. Binos can really do a good sky proud. Thanks. Ed
  3. Thanks Nightfisher - I was pleased to pick out the Pinwheel - I've only ever seen this from Dartmoor before. All the best. Ed
  4. Hi - I was up early this morning and the sky was very clear. I reckon probably mag. 4, maybe mag. 5. Very steady seeing and excellent transparency. Some highlights from the session with the Meade 9x63s. Taurus M45 - Pleiades: great view with brilliant white/blue stars, some real details with threads of stars. Almost as good as a telescopic view Hyades - can't be taken in with one field of view but bright clear images Gemini M35 - very distinct patch of starlight NGC 2158 - close neighbour of M35 Cancer M44 - Praesepe: brilliant view of this great cluster M67 - very subtle, low key cluster Ori
  5. These Startravel scopes are great. I have the 120 - used it last night on DSOs and was very impressed again. OK - false colour is not really an issue on the faint stuff, but it really does pick up these small objects really well. Thanks for the review. Ed
  6. Huge achievement - brilliant image. Well done all. Ed
  7. Is the thread in the mount stripped or cross-threaded? May be a factory fault.
  8. Good luck Carolyn - if this new and not functioning surely a warranty job. How disappointing for you. I hope that you are able to resolve it - this is a trustworthy retailer surely, as they have been around for a long-time. Ed
  9. The quality of the sky is critical - seeing (steadiness) and transparency make all the difference. More and more magnification can actually make things worse without good skies. I usually try and use less magnification, but spend plenty of time looking. Often around 120x is optimal. I've never really seen anything worth looking at with a magnification of over 200x, at least in a moderate size scope.
  10. Really good work - thanks for sharing the pic. Ed
  11. Hi - is the whole mount/tripod/tube overbalancing? My CG-5 instructions say that one leg of the tripod should be pointing towards the North Celestial Pole (Polaris) to prevent the mount tipping forward. "The equatorial mount allows you to tilt the telescope’s axis of rotation so that you can track the stars as they move across the sky. The CG-5 mount is a German equatorial mount that attaches to the tripod head. On one side of the tripod head there is a metal alignment peg for aligning the mount. This side of the tripod will face north when setting up for an astronomical observing session." E
  12. Hi - thanks for the responses. I will have a go balancing the MAK with two weights near the axis. The others are fine with one near the axis anyway. Very helpful replies. Ed
  13. Hi - I'm no physicist, so I'm looking for advice. To minimise wear on the RA axis drive on a CG-5 Go-to mount, is it better to use one counterweight on the mount further down the counterweight shaft, or to use two counterweights close to the RA axis. Or maybe it doesn't make any difference...I hope I've explained this clearly! My refractors really only need one weight, close to the RA axis so the question is a bit academic with them, but my MAK CASS, which is much heavier, could be a one or two counterweight job, depending on where they are located on the shaft. Thanks. Ed
  14. Hi - I saw this last night, thanks to my CG-5 Go-to. I was using a 150mm MAK CASS with around a mag. of 120. It was a bright blue shape, quite distinct. The seeing was rather poor so couldn't go higher on the magnification. Hopefully will see this on a better night with a steadier sky. Well worth tracking down. Ed
  15. Hi there - this might be a cheap solution for bent altitude adjustment bolts on your CG-5 mount. Bent bolts are apparently a common problem, esp. for people using a lot of heavy gear on the mount. From B+Q: Roofing Bolt Bright Zinc Plated M8 x 75mm features Width (mm): 75 Height (mm): 8 Colour: Bright Zinc Plated Pack Qty: 1 Material: Metal Size : 8 x 75mm Category: Roofing Bolts Finish: Bright Zinc Plated additional information Cross slotted mushroom head This seemed to do the trick on my CG-5 goto, when one of the altitude adjustment bolts had bent. The trade-off is that you will need to use
  16. This is a great site - nice detailed plans and instructions. Has anybody had a go at building this scope? http://www.webjones.net/documents/leger_article.pdf There's various variations on the web but this seems to be an enticingly simple design!!! Ed
  17. It was OK in East Devon - quite a good night, very still, good seeing. I was able to do a couple of hours. Sounds like I was a bit lucky. Hope it clears for you all soon. Ed
  18. This hobby has more to do with the weather than you probably imagined. It's not just the clouds that can be a challenge, even how humid the air is can alter the observing conditions. It's worth persisting for the really clear nights when the sky is beautiful. Good luck. Ed
  19. I generally follow the handset tour, and on the CG-5 there is a constellation tour that I will use. But I also check out all the listed doubles, globular clusters, etc. I tried planning it all out, but ended in a muddle! There's rather a lot to keep track of. I am hoping to track down more of the Caldwell and NGC catalogues now I have a better go-to system. Ed
  20. Terrific image of M31. Beautiful work. Thanks. Ed
  21. Hi there - first clear night for ages. Good quality sky so out with the Meade 9x63s. Once my night vision had developed there were some wonderful views to be had - Andromeda G was superb. Pleiades very crisp and clear. I spent quite a bit of time around Cygnus, finding my way between the Swan, Lacerta, Andromeda and Pegasus. Lots to look at with these big binos. Able to identify M39 easily. Picked out the key stars in Pegasus, including a good view of beta Pegasus. This was my first time out for a long time due to the poor weather and other factors. Let's hope for some more clear skies over
  22. Great achievement. Thanks to all who keep the forum running so smoothly - you all do a great job. Best wishes. Ed
  23. Hi there - welcome to the forum. I'm also from the area. Hope you enjoy your time back in the hobby. Ed
  24. On second thoughts maybe I'll stick with the 10" or 12" - that looks like a hefty bit of kit! Great set up 'tho. Enjoy. Ed
  25. Hi - that's a stunning capture. Great image. Thanks. Ed
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