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  1. Hi Everyone. For sure the 445 is better than the 204 if you want NIR response. In fact, there is a rumor that the 204 will be discontinued in the future. As for the problem with the ICX618 you sometimes see (noise in the image) it is because the cameras overclock the sensor to 120fps, bringing the dark noise much higher. The cameras were designed for industrial use. The ICX445 binned 2x2 with a long exposure mode can do wonders for low cost sensitivity. I would suggest looking at the AVT Manta G-125, you will get excellent results and it will run much cooler than the POE camera you show below. It also allows for longer exposure times, I really enjoy this camera. I will soon be testing the AVT GX1920 in my set up as the ICX674 will allow for HD photos, NIR response and much more sensitivity.
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