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  1. Hey, Photoshop aint half addictive once you start getting into it huh? Hopefully i will find the "subtle" tutorial soon, but in the meantime.......
  2. you doing ok there blinky. when i first got the dsi pro, M31 was the second thing i tried to image, after the ring. I havnt attempted it since as i realised just how flipping difficult it is.
  3. yep thats fair comment martin, it does look a little too black. I need a happy compromise. cheers tim
  4. had another go at processing this one. I really dont know what im doing in photoshop just now, but ive manage, somehow, to darken the background and still maintain some detail. Theres so much to learn huh
  5. lol, i promise i will.... just as soon as i get up to two minute subs.
  6. what makes a great image for me is getting depth in the target, so you can see its a 3 dimensional object. as a beginner myself, thats something i find very difficult on all but the brightest of objects. can certainly see the depth in that one.
  7. only got two filters martin, the meade IR filter and orion skyglow lp filter.. both were used yes. cheers tim
  8. thats peachy, i gotta get me one them filters. dont think ig get results as good as that just yet though, bravo tim
  9. DSI PRO II, HEQ5 PRO, Willism Optics ZS110, Woking borough council standard issue street light.
  10. its actually quite a useful image to practice bringing out detail in processing. its nice to have a natural looking shot, but when your exposure time so short you just gotta play huh.
  11. oh for sure its over processed. had to stretch it to within a whisper of its life to drag out whats in there
  12. hey up, this taken with the dsi pro II, heq5 pro mount, 70 42 second exposures. couldnt go long with sub times as just a rough polar align. looks like it might have been a good shot if i can manage to get up to a couple of minute subs.
  13. lol, yeah, if only i could cut n paste huh. the meade reducer is a real bummer, causes no end of problems as the spacing is so critical. I suspect he sct has some mis alignment somewhere too. I think i may just shorten distance from reducer to chip...will give me less reduction, but i think the coma wont be so obvious. Im not gong to ever put the sct on a wedge, so will always be limited on that. The heq5 and refractor worked well, and is clearly the route for better imaging. I may think about the W.O reducer to give me a faster imager. and am now thinking about guide scopes. The pro II seems so far to be a very useable little camera...i wouldnt pay 500 quid for it, but im very pleased with what ive got for the secondhand price. cheers tim
  14. well, thats both the longest exposure ive mananged, and the most number of subs ive ever done. Of course i have to remember my refractor has half the aperture of the lx200.... but, i guess i was hoping it would better bring out some detail of the bubbling clouds. i should have been brave and tried for 1 minute exposures... but i havnt got on to drift align yet, so would have been amazed if i would get away with that.
  15. heres an effort at prime with refractor then. about 50 x 42sec. bit disappointed as it happens. im sure better processing would do wonders, but thought that time would give me better results. oh well
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