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  1. Hi and welcome from me too.
  2. dod

    Hi people

    Hi manfred, welcome aboard.
  3. dod


    Hi DSM, there's loads of good advice and information on here, and it's a really friendly place. Welcome aboard.
  4. dod


    Hi and welcome from me too.
  5. Hi and welcome from me too.
  6. dod

    Hello from Watford.

    Hi and welcome Marvaz, have you had a look at the South West Herts Astronomical Society? Link: The South West Herts Astronomical Society
  7. Hi and welcome from me too.
  8. Agree with DN18, I have the 127SLT and found Saturn showed a bit of detail with the #12 Yellow that wasn't visible unfiltered.
  9. Hi and welcome from me too.
  10. Hi Samantha, you'll find this is a nice and friendly place with loads of support and advice. Welcome aboard.
  11. Is there a local astro society? They may organise get togethers, or at least you'll be ablet t meet interested others who may be able to buddy up at short notice. I think there are a few people on here near you too, perhaps forming a group may help?
  12. Hi and welcome from me too. Looks like it'll be clear skies over the North West tonight and tomorrow, so you may have more luck if you can get out.
  13. I got great views of Saturn with my 127mm Mak with 25mm and 9mm eyepieces a couple of nights ago, so you should defo be able to get a good view with your set up, although you may be better with higher magnification than the eyepieces you have provide (Edit: just realised Capricorn gave a much more expert response around this above - teach me to skim read). I can't give any good advice other than to persevere, it's soooo worth it when you bring Saturn into focus. Breathtaking.
  14. Hi Suuzi, this is a really friendly place for us newbies, no need for nerves at all. Welcome aboard.
  15. Hi and welcome from me too. Quite a few people here have recommended the Skywatcher 130P as an ideal first scope, so I doubt you'll be disappointed.
  16. Hi and welcome from me too, and nice photos.
  17. Hi and welcome from me too.
  18. dod

    Hi from Cheshire

    Hi Maymo, you're in the right place for help and advice, this is a really friendly forum. I found this book really useful when I was just looking into things: Stargazing Basics: Getting Started in Recreational Astronomy: Amazon.co.uk: Paul E. Kinzer: Books It's nice and clear and basic and does a really good job of explaining options etc. Try and get it from a library rather than buy it if you're interested, you'll grow out of it pretty quickly. Welcome aboard.
  19. Hi and welcome from me too. There's loads of help and good advice here, and you're right, it is a really friendly place. Get your first view of Saturn, it's easy to find and utterly fantastic.
  20. I got a Celestron 127 SLT mak. Love it so far, managed to get my first views of Saturn last night which was pretty breathtaking. If portability/storage space is an issue then mak's are better suited than some other scopes, which is one of the reasons I went for one.
  21. Hi Iain, welcome aboard, you'll find this is a nice friendly place to be.
  22. I know there are plenty of threads detailing first views of Saturn, and I don't want to bore you, but I've just come in from my own first view - the seeing wasn't so great, the moon was glaring, Saturn was fairly low in the sky and above some houses which didn't help - but WOW. It was still utterly beautiful and mesmerising and wondrous and amazing. And knowing how far away it is and all that makes it even more jaw dropping - that's one of the great things about astronomy I guess, it turns knowledge into joy. I have the Celestron 127SLT, and with the 9mm eyepiece and a yellow filter I was sure I could just about make out some detail on the surface. No Cassini division, but I wasn't expecting that with my set-up, or the conditions. Titan was the only moon I could see for sure. Still catching my breath.
  23. dod

    Hi all.

    Hi and welcome from another newbie.
  24. dod

    Hello from Sweden!

    Hi Zebb, welcome onboard. As people have said this is a really friendly place with loads of help and good advice.
  25. dod


    A warm welcome from me too.
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