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  1. Hi and welcome from me too. I keep getting tempted by that Open University course, but always think of a bit of kit I could spend the cash on instead. Hope it goes well for you.
  2. Hi and welcome from me too.
  3. dod

    Good day all...

    Hi Chris, welcome from me too. Are these guys near you? - The South West Herts Astronomical Society
  4. dod

    Hello all :0)

    Hi and welcome from me too.
  5. dod

    Hi All...

    Hi and welcome from me too. Can't help with the tripod problem, but for eyepieces you could consider getting a set to start off with: Eyepiece Sets The Revelation set seems to get good reviews, and you can always build on your eyepiece set as you go along.
  6. Wow, they're pretty impressive starting shots. I have the same scope, and didn't really think there would be much point trying any sort of imaging, but if you can get shots like that I may have to get myself a webcam too.
  7. Hi and welcome form me too.
  8. Someone more expert will be along shortly I'm sure, but essentially maks like the etx125 are good for viewing planets due to the long focal length but not so good for DSO's for the same reason. This thread is quite useful when thinking about which type of telescope to go for: http://stargazerslounge.com/primers-tutorials/37999-primer-telescope-types.html
  9. dod

    Hi from Lincs

    Hi and welcome from me too.
  10. Hi Dave, welcome to the forum. I have the Celestron 15x70's and 25x70's and have always found them great, especially for the money.
  11. Hi Dave, welcome to the forum.
  12. Wow, Kenya sounds fab, welcome to the forum and the best of luck with the move.
  13. Hi and welcome from me too. Like everyone else has said, the skywatcher range seems to offer the best quality gear for a limited budget. Hope you find the right scope.
  14. Hi, can't help with your query I'm afraid, but I know there's an astro society in Stockton - is that near you?
  15. Hi and welcome from me too, seeing Saturn for the first time is a fantastic thing, isn't it?
  16. dod

    Hi all.

    Hi Slim, welcome to the forum. I can really recommend this book as a great and untaxing introduction, it helped me loads when I was getting started: Stargazing Basics: Getting Started in Recreational Astronomy: Amazon.co.uk: Paul E. Kinzer: Books
  17. Hi Peter, I have the same scope and asked about a dew shield when I bought it. The guy in the shop said Celestron don't make one to fit, so I'd have to make my own, but FLO list an Astrozap shield for the 127 SLT on their website here: http://www.firstlightoptics.com/products.php?cat=94
  18. Hi and welcome form me too.
  19. Hi Matt, as people have said, you can't really go too wrong with 10x50's, cheap ones do the job fine. Saying that, I have the Celestron 15x70's and have few problems using them with out a tripod, especially if resting my elbows on something. I also have 25x70's, and they definitely need a tripod, and I'd imagine 20x bins are similar. Bins are a great way to start out, you have plenty of things to ogle without much of an initial outlay.
  20. dod

    hello from hull

    Hi Mick, welcome aboard.
  21. Yeah it's funny, I've read a fair bit of advice on avoiding filters and that they actually reduce detail, but the #12 yellow filter really seems to improve things for me. I've had another couple of nights viewing since starting this thread and tried without filtering, and also a few different colours too. Yellow has come out best each time.
  22. Hi Nick, and welcome form me too.
  23. Jessops do spare diced foam sheets, not sure of the dimensions you need but they might do the job: Jessops - Jessops Spare Diced Foam For CC60/50/MC5 Cases
  24. dod

    Hi From Cheshire

    Hi and welcome from me too.
  25. Hi and welcome from me too.
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