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  1. right click on the shortcut -> properties -> compatibility then check "Disable desktop composition" OK that, and it should run fine.
  2. hi and welcome to sgl
  3. hello and welcome to sgl
  4. very nice image, nobody's gonna laugh we all have a starting point
  5. a good flashing product most builder's use for sealing is a product called flashband.it's best qaulity is that it bond's to most surfaces and come's in various width's an length's.i've used it many time's over the year's and can highly recommend it we tend to use it for the replacement of lead which customer's find too expensive to replace.also with it being tarred on the back you can warm it up to give it better grip to whatever you are attatching it too.
  6. hi & welcome to sgl mad dog,phil at beverley camera centre walkergate will always give you good advice on what you require
  7. hi tina welcome to sgl
  8. coxy63

    saturn 1st

    sorry forgot to mention equiment,8" dob using a spc900
  9. coxy63

    saturn 1st

    well here's my first go at imaging saturn,it's not hubble standard but highly satisfying that i've taken an image of a live planet id only ever seen tv or seen in a book.any advice on improvement's greatly appreciated
  10. hi and welcome to sgl
  11. hello and welcome to sgl
  12. thank's for the tip will try it tonight if clear
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