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  1. hi joe welcome to sgl
  2. coxy63

    hello all

    hi & welcome to sgl
  3. if you cant find a replacement araldite will glue this
  4. if you have'nt already try rothervalleyoptics.co.uk
  5. welcome to sgl steve
  6. it looks like a marine 4 draw scope, do you know the length when fully extended?
  7. coxy63

    ota help

    could someone advise me which ota would be best for a budget between £250-£300.i already have a eq3 & a synscan mount.
  8. hi paul & welcome to sgl
  9. astronomy in the uk - the sex pistols
  10. weather outlook for hull look's like i'll have to have a drive out to derby16:00 weather Heavy Rain 17°C 63°F Westerly11mph 18km/h 75% 1005mb Moderate 19:00 weather Heavy Rain Shower 17°C 63°F North North Westerly9mph 14km/h 78% 1007mb Good 22:00 weather Heavy Rain 13°C 55°F North Westerly7mph 11km/h 93% 1010mb Moderate 01:00 weather (Tue) White Cloud 12°C 54°F West North Westerly7mph 11km/h 91% 1012mb Very good 04:00 weather (Tue) Clear Sky 11°C 52°F North Westerly11mph 18km/h 79% 1014mb Very good
  11. coxy63


    hi & welcome to sgl tb
  12. hi pat welcome to sgl
  13. thank's derek for the head's up much appreciated will have to get one ordered
  14. coxy63

    Hi PEEPS

    hi jono welcome to sgl
  15. coxy63

    Hello from Hedon

    hi & welcome back to sgl
  16. coxy63

    Hi & Help

    hi & welcome to the lounge
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