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  1. Surely Stellarium would tell you what satellites were in your skies last night. Download stellarium here Stellarium
  2. Hi I also have the same scope and use the Meade 6.4mm on its own. If you barlow it is just too much magnification so you can not focus enough to get a good view. I have a x2 & x3 barlow and both do not work good on planets. Just the moon! I started a thread a while back about getting better/ sharper views. here. http://stargazerslounge.com/beginners-help-advice/179957-4-5mm-plossl-much-improvement-than-6mm.html
  3. Don't you just hate it when things like that happen.
  4. Once again thanks for your replies. I think I might stick with just using plossl's rather than barlowing to get more magnification. I find that my Barlows are only really good on the moon and Saturn. I would love to see Jupiter in more detail but looks like the only way I will be able to achieve this is through upgrading the scope to a bigger aperture.
  5. Thanks John. Nice reply. I did view Jupiter late last year when it was at its peak. My first sight of it since starting this hobby 12 months ago. It was a great sight. Last nights viewing to my eyes I was still seeing the same amount of detail. I can only just see faint banding of Jupiter. Maybe I have reached the maximum potential that my scope can give me. I guess in this hobby that is always the problem. We always want to see much more than we can.
  6. Thanks for your replies. I figured I was using too much magnification when I used the barlow. I think I should have asked my question better. Basically with my 6mm the detail is great and image is sharp. Just a tad on the small size (Jupiter) so I was thinking whether a 5 or 4mm plossl on its own would make much of a difference to the image I currently see using just the 6mm with no barlow. To spend another £30 -40 on a 5 or 4mm and then see no real improvement / enlarging of the object I would be a little disappointed. I really like my Meade 6mm plossl so much so that I bought a 26mm one too.
  7. Hello All. Well its been a few months since I had my scope out. Hard to find the time just recently. I did manage to get it out of the shed last night to have my first ever look at Mars an Venus. Ended up though viewing more of Jupiter (My favourite) My question is I have a 6mm Meade Plossl which is very good but I just want to see if I can get just a little more magnification out of my scope. I have a Skywatcher 130P Newt. With my 6mm I can see faint banding of Jupiter, However if I use my barlow x2 or x3 I just can not get it in focus enough to make out any decent detail. If I bought a
  8. Hi People I stumbled on this site today whilst looking for panoramic pictures of the top of Everest. Was amazed by these on Mars and the Moon. Some are full screen with zoom facility. So just thought I would share here. Maybe its already been posted on here years ago! MARS Rover Virtual Reality Panoramic images - 360 degree QTVR Photos from panoramas.dk http://www.panoramas.dk/moon/mission-apollo.html
  9. Hi, I have a 130p and recently looked a Jupiter for the first time too. Amazing. I went out and bought a smaller eyepiece. I got a Meade 6.4mm 4000 series of ebay for less than £20. Made things a whole lot better, closer, clearer. I found that with my barlow (x2 Skywatcher supplied) that although it makes the object closer you loose so much detail + its much harder to focus. I before I knew this bought a fairly cheap X3 barlow off ebay for £22+ shipping. Thinking this would enhance my Jupiter observing experience. However it was not really the case. Again made it much bigger in the eyepiec
  10. Hi, I bought Meade 4000 series 26mm super plossl and a Meade 4000 6mm plossl. Both of the well known auction site. Used the 26mm but as Jupiter is blocked my my house the 6mm is on standby. I only have the stock x2 Skywather barlow which by all accounts is pretty basic. Would really like a x3 though. Ideally I now want a 10mm & 32mm plossl to complete my needs.
  11. Hi I have the same scope as you. I have been looking for M81 for a while on and off and I can not find it. I was even discussing it on this very forum in a thread I started only yesterday. I would doubt it was M81 you saw for reasons others suggested. Now tell me if I am wrong but M31 is Andromeda galaxy and that is quite big yes but I am almost sure ( and again I could be wrong as I am a complete novice) that M31 is in a different place in the sky to M81 To change the subject slightly but to ask you a question, Have you looked at Jupiter through your scope yet? I am dying to but it is obsc
  12. Thanks James, I did look into the telrad system some months back but actually decided on changing my red dot finder to a finderscope. I was advised on this forum about the optical finder with a right angle was a good way to go. I think perhaps I need to re-look into that possibility. The red dot finder is all very well when you know what to point at. However using my binos to see stars for reference then trying to point the red dot to a star I can not see without the binos becomes very challenging. I think a good finderscope will be the answer for my problem as I am currently using the scop
  13. Thanks for the quick response. I understand what your saying and it was kind of what I thought. Reassures me all the same. My problem is finding objects. I know where some things are now like Andromeda and great cluster in Hercules, M3 cluster etc. So finding them is easier. New faint fuzzes can be very tricky. I was out looking for the whirlpool galaxy and could not find it at all and spend about an hour trying, getting my left and rights confused all the time... Maybe that abject I am unable to see in my garden with light pollution etc. It just seemed an easy one to find using Stellariu
  14. Hello All. Firstly I would like to say I am getting rather annoyed at the cloudy nights recently! :-) I think I am going to answer my own question here but here goes. I have a 130p Spywatcher Reflector scope. Also recently upgraded some of my eyepieces to Meade 4000 series. Thing is over the last 10 months of getting used to using my scope I still have trouble navigating due to the upside down wrong way round view I get through looking through the eyepiece. No matter how many times I use it I end up going up instead of down etc.... So I was thinking is there a way to correct this? Then I fo
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