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  1. i am still torn between a dob for my first scope and an EQ mount, im a complete noob but i get very into things, dont want to spend a big chunk on a dob only to be left wanting for an eq mount. that said im not that interested in astrophotography....
  2. that picture is uncanny.... beautiful. nice find!
  3. you live in egerton by any chance? sounds a little bit (a little!! ) bit like me?
  4. great set of photos, love the moons and positions, thanks for labelling
  5. love this picture, nice view of the rings
  6. hmmm i never realised about these, thanks for bringing them up i shall book in for bradford!
  7. congrats! i am going to watch it on iplayer after hot fuzz!
  8. Ahhh success!!!! I ripped it to bits and pieced it back together checking the parts were fitted correctly, put it all back together and yey it is working and I must say well worth 20 that I spent, orions nebula showed up well (for a cheapy) great first buy. I will have to check out Saturn! That sounds good, also roughing the inner surface I have seen alot of blue colouring around bright objects
  9. the moon is gorgeous tonight. i recommended if you have clear skies to get out there now! fantastic! orions nebula a bit washed out by the moon light but still brilliant also.
  10. the weather forecast is showing me a clear night all the way through! about time fingers crossed! anything particularly good to observe at the moment? orions nebula for me tonight on my 20x60!
  11. Some partners never learn... Alas, I am single now, never happier! My car/bike/free time has never been in better shape! Still not bought a scope yet... Will have to wait as I have just started renting a new house, had to put three months down to start the lease making me skint... Booooooo!
  12. bought one of these.... doesn't even show anything, wont even focus on day light terrestrial objects.... unfocusable. truly terrible. the moon was nothing but a white Vaseline induced smudge. dont know whats wrong with it, had it to bits to see if something has moved nothing wrong.... really dissapointed but only 20£ down the hole.
  13. i had the same problem with many interests and disinterested other halfs... classic audis (old bangers aparentely... "why cant you have a nice company car again! why did you give it back blah blah blah") fish keeping.... she hated that one. motorcycling (death traps, waste of money blah blah) she once just slammed a box of stuff on the boot lid of my 95 audi 100/a6 that i spent hours buffing to perfection!!! suffice to say i went blumming bananas! they just dont understand........ see how she likes it if i wee in her la boutins! *cackle* hahahaha!
  14. i dont blame you! entropy can be as complicated as you make it, conversely as simple
  15. if you have an iphone, get the stelarium app!!!! i have it and it is great! you can even use the onboard compass on the phone and just point it at a patch of sky and it will tell you what you are looking at! it has a night mode where everything goes red for dark adapted viewing. best bit? It too is free!
  16. loved the episode, the only downer on it for me was john culshaw.... he did not help proceedings at all! grr im glad you got a question on there!!! thats great!!! on the 700th episode of sky at night!, one to tell the grand kids.
  17. my two pennies worth... he does a lot of flying about doesn't he! even more then in wonders of the solar system! it felt very slow to me, although i found the subject matter to be of great interest and his explanations insightful... it just all dragged on a bit too long, i started reading my MCN (motorcycle news) halfway through still listening to it and glancing over occasionally at the pretty views of sand and ice etc... didnt feel that exciting as an episode. did love the bit on entropy and his explanation (sand castle lol he has a knack for simplification) hope it all speeds up a bit and we actually get to look at some interesting bits of the sky i am sure some of us will have seen before but perhaps in great detail, with unknown facts abound. he is great at getting people excited and enthralled about science, mainly because he is. in this first episode i just didnt really feel that bothered about what he was saying. i shall definitely be sticking with the series as i love the guy and his work, i am a physics nut, just dont like the maths bit lol. i was expecting at least a more in depth look at relativity and time changes with speed and gravity... hey ho cant win them all, looking at a load of derelict buildings for 10 mins was much more interesting any way......... didnt have to fly all the way out there Brian! just come to the rougher corners of one of the northern mill towns.... rant over, sorry for that lol.
  18. that is great 4lefts! i wish i had done something similar, what a guy though eh? he really is a legend. Personally i do think it should be on earlier, like has been mentioned it will only pursued more youngsters to take up the hobby or just to take a keen/er interest in the sciences of astronomy and physics. It did for me but at a later age lol
  19. is Brian Cox on these very forums? a lot of things lead me to believe it... can you tell i am new here?! sky at night still not on iplayer..... boo i am looking forward to the wonders series i really enjoyed the solar system series, off to a slow start maybe?
  20. they still havent put this on iplayer!!! poop to them! i missed it and reaaaally wany to watch it grrrrr come on bbc it normally only takes an hour after the show to get it uploaded!?!?!?!!! rant over. glad it was a good one and cannot wait to see it, was a bit dissapointed with wonders to be honest.... i did like his description of the laws of entropy though!
  21. Yes, i think i will do. Terrible. Got it about a month back ish, got it out to use is and it was terrible. I didn't expect a lot for £19.99 but i at least thought it would be able to focus to some degree... will write them an email perhaps, see what kind of response i get.
  22. sounds fantastic, the hairs on my neck stand on end just thinking about it! very jealous but happy for you!
  23. i shall have to do some reading on these barn door trackers.... how do they work?
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