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  1. Good tip! I think I shall do that! My garden is north east facing and I can just catch Polaris. Having loads of fun over last couple of days. Thanks for the comments everyone!
  2. One thing I am after as an upgrade to this one is a red dot finder, although saying that 10 mins spent aligning my finder I already have would probably prove just as useful. I tried during the day to set it up when I first got it and though I had it right, turns out not so much! Lol And yes I have made the same mistake on eBay in my youth! I always want to buy local.
  3. Yes it is a Newtonian reflector style scope, I managed to get the 4mm ep on it tonight some good banding too be seen however blurry, all four gallilean moons again, this time I got to show some pals. They too were in awe, two even berating me to take them to a dark sky site! I think they too may have caught the bug! I will be saving hard and probably upgrade to a dob in the future but it won't be for a while yet. The slow mo controls need a look at on the scope one axis is really skitty and one is perfect. I have been scanning the for sale section for a while now there are some great buys on there!
  4. oh we are jealous alright! its a beauty!
  5. clear skies in bolton, occasional light cloud earlier but clear now.
  6. i know yeah! trusty bloke from the pub, they fix your car, find you furniture, give you a ciggy when in desperation and offer reems of ridiculous opinion to boot. on a side note, i have had the pleasure of using my trusty £19.99 aldi spotting scope on the orion nebula and the pleiades, even in the bargain plasticy thing these looked breath taking. come on winter hurry up with your cold clear skies and wonders!!! i've always liked winter best, i have just got even more reasons to!
  7. also done a quick google... looks like your going to have some pretty good fun with that monster! very nice and also not jealous at all.... not one bit very nice purchase look forward to hearing what it can do for you!!
  8. ouch! lol there were a couple meandering about through my FOV tonight also. jupiter has never been so congested! luckily i'm not and imager yet! nice photo though! i really like it!
  9. steelfixer, yes i have heard and seen it happen on here in the few months i have prowled lol i just hope that raise comes through from work soon!
  10. i fully intend too! i was out on my motorbike for an hour or two on a pleasure ride and whilst i was out and about i made a keen eye for accessible dark sky spots! oh and i have been the same for about 3 months, just waiting for that bargain to pop up. a chap a the pub over heard me and a friend talking of the night sky and mentioned he had a telescope but had no idea how to use it. i said i would be interested in having a look and he said he would be happy to let it go for £50. i wasn't expecting much but it was just about perfect. i am glad i didn't go bigger straight away you would be surprised how big the whole contraption is! don't worry about going too small with a 4/5 inch newt. there pretty hefty and cumbersome with their mount and tripod attached! good luck hunting! Adz.... i think i have the bug your right! this was the second time i have ever used it, the first time i had a 20 min window between clouds a few nights ago. i only managed vega and a couple of other stars. i was blown away by how crisp and brilliant the light of a star through a scope is! i cant wait to get to a dark site and get andromeda or another easily viewable DSO down my pupils!
  11. Apologies for rant! Just very very excited! Anyone who is considering buying their first ever telescope and is getting itchy, take the plunge I'm sure you won't regret it!
  12. A week ago u bought a second hand tasco refractor, it was £50 came with all the usual bits, 114mm x900mm great optical nick if a little beaten up on the outside. My first ever telescope! Only ever had a spotting scope. Looking forward to seeing Jupiter in the eye for so long now, and tonight was the night! Crystal clear sky's and Jupiter is so sooo bright tonight! I got the scope outside and banged a 20mm eye piece in and has a scan around, I found Jupiter much more quickly then I had anticipated! It shone brighter then the stars by far in the FOV. All four gallilean moons on show! I could see two red bands in the northern (from my aspect) hemisphere. The furthest moon seemed to glow a little more orange? I'm not well up on the moons. Anyway my breath taken from me. Absolutley magnificent! All this happened now 30 mins ago! Can't get the smile off my face! I tracked it for 20 mins or so, I tried a Barlow and got a larger yet much less crisp view and switched back to just the twenty. Very happy lad!
  13. Thanks for the link on polar alignment I found it very useful! I will definitely use that!
  14. Oh sorry it's a tasco scope, no idea how old it is, I'm aware the by no means high tech but it seems to be a nice little scope! I think you are right with the EQ1, it looks like those on the web. Thanks for the link I will check that out! In my back yard I am limited to certain views. I managed to ge vega in view after some time! Very bright small round dot in my 20mm eyepiece. I will have to try the collimation test next time I manage to get some sky. Thanks for the tip. It also came with a rather long ep looking thing, it fits into the scope and eps fit into it, possibly a Barlow?
  15. Hi all, finally got a telescope! It's a 114x900 mm reflector on an EQ mount, not sure which mount it is though. It cane with three eps, slow mo controls and a wooden tripod in need of a tiny bit of attention. Managed 30-40 mins with it tonight before the clouds rolled in, great views of the sky in general, I'm still staggered at the amount of stars that are hidden from the naked eye. I have been trying to tackle this mount, this EQ mount Will take some getting used to! Any tips for using an EQ mount? I spent a an hour or so with it inside tightening up some loose nuts and bolts on the mount and tripod it's all moving nicely now. I will need to buy a collimation tool as soon as possible. It was way out through the eye piece I have adjusted it as near as I could without an collimating eye piece. So any tips for me as a beginner? I got it off a local chap for 50 of the queens. The primary is in fantastic condition as is the secondary and the whole OTA
  16. and here..... grrr ah well roll on december!
  17. I remember as a child, very vividly and I was quite young. I actually cried when I thought the following. I remember running to my mother an saying the following. "I can't believe the world is so small! Is this the only place we can live!?" It came from looking at a globe before travelling to America. I took for granted the never ending massive world and once I had seen the size of England compared to the rest of the world, I couldn't help but feel trapped! That emotion is still with me although not quite as a dramatic reaction occurs when musing upon it lol. I saw Saturn for myself for the first time last night, I shared the moment with two friends who too had never gazed upon it. It was a brilliant feeling and these two buddies of mine were flabbergasted! There was high fives all around! Glee of the highest order spread like wildfire! All because of this tiny TINY Circe with two pointy bits either side is bad focus. It felt like a connection to a bigger thing, a larger space, a true sight that our world doesn't end after the clouds and it was uncanny. Joyous is how I would describe it, getting two friends who only an hour before going outside with my aldi spotting scope couldn't care less and had never really given the night sky a thought. I had loads of questions thrown at me about the solar system and the greater universe, interest burned within us all. It was magic.
  18. i could look at these solar images all day!
  19. caught some great action in the sun in these photos! love them
  20. that seems a novel idea!
  21. nice shot, the focus is just a touch out but its a nice big image, bright as well.
  22. to me looking up at the stars, and to a higher degree musing upon them, gives me a great sense of smallness. i feel a beautiful insignificance that shoves my sense of self back into place. the tiny irks of life seem to melt away when i am star gazing and like i said before, even more so when atempting to comprehend the neverendingness of the universe in which we live. We exist in this bubble of safety on earth, space seems so far away and not connected that we forget about it. my mind is truly at rest when i am star gazing, all of me is just drinking in the views. i feel similar feelings when given a great view of the sea from high up or when peering out of an aeroplane window. its all about considering the waxing and waning of the planets, stars and galaxies and putting your life into context against it. waffle over
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