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  1. Hi Phil from a fellow newcomer from the little old city of salisbury
  2. Ebay, 125.00 still in box and wrapping, bought by a guy for his son but never used and just put in loft, so got a bargain i think, we have only viewed the moon so far but that just blew me away and the bug is definately taking hold, just need some clear sky !!!!!
  3. Well here it is, a celestron 80gtl computerised telescope, only have a 25mm and a 10 mm EP at the moment, the disc is the sun filter which was still sealed so hopefully will be ok to use
  4. Evening all, still really cloudy outside tonite so thought i would post some pictures of the kit we have, only thing is i havent a clue how to upload them on here, any ideas, thanks
  5. Hi and welcome to SGL, i have been a member here for only a short few days and the knowledge and help on here is amazing !!!
  6. Hi Sy, It says it is unbranded but good quality ??? and it is the buy it now price, i think i will leave it for now, anyone know of a good make to look out for, i have a limited budget but dont want to buy rubbish by mistake ??
  7. Hi Steve, I pass through ripley most weeks as we deliver to the one stop on the high street there, i think on advice i am going to look for something a bit more expensive as im sure the quality will be better, thanks for the advice
  8. Hi John, I havent bidded on it yet as i thought it was a bit cheap, dont want to waste money on rubbish, my scope is a celestron 80 gtl which is computerised, we currently only have a 25mm and a 10mm eyepiece. cheers
  9. Hi All, I know we have posted on here already but i thought we would introduce ourselves. Im rob and i am from salisbury,wiltshire,uk, and drive HGV artics for tesco , well, one stop, who are owned by them anyway. My daughter is sophia aged 9 and she is the one who has started this , she asked for the telescope for xmas shocking me and my wife lol, never knew she was that into space etc. I myself have always been interested but never more than watching Nat Geo on sky , we have got the bug now but havent had a clear sky for about 2 weeks , have sourced a barlow lens on ebay but at 10 quid is it
  10. Hi Ronin, Thanks for the advice, how do i post pictures on here, i would be glad to take a few pics of what i have to give you a better idea.
  11. Thankyou Dan, that was very kind of you to offer such a decent explanation, i will source a barlow lens, sounds like a good thing to have, when is the best time to view saturn and does it affect what you see if there are a lot of street lamps about, we have one right outside our front garden gate but we do have access to a really dark field just accross the estate from our house, would this be better ???, it is so cloudy tonite, cant see anything !!!!, i hope this weather clears soon
  12. Hi All, First of all id like to say what a warm welcome we have had on this forum, so thankyou We are complete novices and i have a couple of questions. I am a little confused about what magnification eyepieces are and how to calculate it, my telescope is a celestron 80gtl (computerized version) it has a focal of 400mm. It came supplied with a 25mm and a 10mm eyepiece. Capricorn suggested i purchased a 5mm eyepiece, what type should i buy and i presume it has to be a 1.25" fitting ?? Is the sun filter safe to use that was supplied, it fits over the "big end" lol !!! ?? what is the best eyepie
  13. Hi all, Thanks for the lovely warm welcome, i havent got the software mentioned earlier so will look out for it, be very useful for us im sure. I am trying to source a 5mm eyepiece just to make things a little better for us, the views we have had of the moon through the 25 and 10mm have been mindblowing, the detail is amazing. We have the computerised model of the celestron so will try and set it up properly sometime this week, will report back if we have any issues, in the meantime, thanks for making us feel so welcome
  14. Hi Capricorn, Thanks for your reply, focal length is 400mm. Solar filter looks as if it goes at the "big end" of the scope.I have a 25mm and a 10mm that came with it, it is also computerized although has been very complicated to set up so we are currently not using the auto-tracking. What make of eyepiece is best to get ??. Yes i was aware it is discontinued, i paid 125.00 on ebay for it which i thought given the spec wasnt a bad starter scope for my 9 year old, i hope i was correct lol. Thanks for any advice you can give a pair of novices
  15. Good evening all, My name is rob and we have just purchased a celestron nexstar 80gtl for my daughter who has shown a healthy interest in star gazing. We have set it all up and have observed the moon so far but not much else. The images of the moon were breathtaking for all of us who have had no experience of this sort of thing. However its really given us the bug and we want to know more and see more. The problem im having is viewing planets, cant seem to get a decent focus on jupiter which is one my daughter is desperate to see, would anyone be so kind to advise me best viewing times, eyepie
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