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  1. I love that image, puts things in perspective
  2. Typical!!!! been looking all day and nothing, i post on here and then stumble right on to it. Batch of Fifty New Alien Worlds Discovered : Discovery News for anyone interested
  3. Anyone know what it was? apparently it was announced at 2pm gmt today. Cant find a thing! I have to get space fix via the news at the moment as its windy as hell, i did however see a star before ........ for about 1 minute, inbetween some fast moving cloud. Still first star in about a week
  4. been out twice in 2 weeks, which isnt bad compared to some people i see Weather forecast hasn't given me any good news either. I guess patience is the key......
  5. Made an effort to get up this morning and try and catch saturn. Sadly the skys where void of anything but cloud. Dismayed i quickly jumped back into to bed to get re-awoken a hours later by the sunlight coming through the window, Not a cloud in sight!. Nice report though, i cant wait until i actually see it myself. Jupiter blew me away, im sure saturn will have the same effect.
  6. Hi and welcome, Also from Cumbria, was happy i got to play out with my scope last night. First time i have seen Jupiter through it! awesome sight. Heres hoping for some more clear cumbrian nights!
  7. Mack


    Thanks for the warm welcome
  8. Mack


    Greetings people, Thought i'd introduce myself after lurking around the forums for the best part of a month!. My name is Phil i live in Cumbria and have been interested in astronomy since age 9. Sadly this interest never developed into anything more until my 9 yr old daughter also found an interest in the subject and rekindled my desire to explore the night skies. Since then i have been getting to grips with the constellations, looking for good telescopes within my budget and reading the threads here (which have been so useful!). Anyway, no doubt you will see me throwing out the odd question here and there and hopefully at some point being able to help people too.
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