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  1. Yeah that's what im thinking now, i didnt even notice the extender untill i had a good look about an hour ago, i bought the scope green as grass TBH, i walked into the shop expecting to pick up a celestron 6" and walked out with a 12'' light bridge lol.
  2. I havnt played around with this scope a lot, but it came with a 2'' 35mm extender, maybe i need to take that off, that's one thing i havnt tried anyway, i'll give it a go hopefully over the next few days (raining here for a while i think), that's for your help.
  3. i think the draw tube isnt going down far enough, it starts clearing but then stops when it cant go down any further. seams like a pretty big issue if a scope of that quality cant run a 15mm EP or smaller, i phoned the shop i bought it from and spoke to a different sales rep and he seamed to know exactly what i was saying and suggested the smaller ex tube, but if i go with that will i need another for smaller EPs?. sorry guys, im a complete noob lol. I'm thinking ive stuffed up the colmination or the scopes faulty, the 25mm works a treat, TBH im not sure what an ex tube will do if the focuser
  4. I have a 12'' meade light bridge, when i try and use my 15mm EP it just wont focus, iv'e been told i need an extension tube but i'm not sure which size to get, going through Ebay they have 35mm/50mm/80mm, i'd hate to end up buying 2 of them if i choose the wrong one. Also, how much will these extension tubes effect my viewing quality? (if at all), i also plan on using a 4mm/12.5mm EP in future.
  5. Most SETI scientists believe we're around 20yrs off making contact (but of course their going to say that), fact is there's inteligent life out there, it's a mathematical fact, but theorys like bending space time may be fictional limiting any civilizations to their own neighborhoods.
  6. I used a 15mm plossl to view saturn though my 90mm refractor (i have no idea of the speed of that scope?), it was an amazing image, saturn wasnt even that high in the sky either, it was as clear as i couldve hoped for, i cant use that EP though my 12", apparantly i need an extension bar?, cant wait to get one, im sure i'll be blown away when i do.
  7. Matter cartainly dissapears though, especialy when my mrs goes shopping, matter (money) vanishes without trace. I believe black holes hold the key to our existance, them and maybe the unproven white hole theory, if the white hole theory is correct it can explain the big bang, i believe the big bang is a cycle too, when all the black holes in the universe get their fill the process starts all over again. IMO.
  8. infinant IMO, the space was there long before the big bang (IMO), the big bang provided the matter/electrons/ect ect, space is nothing, it's what nothing looks like. Unless we live in bubble universes like some believe.
  9. you're probably better off not getting a goto, the fun is in the chase, it doesnt take long to get to know a few constelations, www.stellarium is awesome too and is a massive help for us noobs, you should be able to get an 8" dob for the money. just IMO.
  10. I saw Saturn for the first time last night, what a sight!!, i was using my new 395 Meade refractor (picked up the scope for $100 brand new from a garge sale, never used , also bought a 60mm meade for $50 from the same bloke which came with 3 EPs and a 3x barlow, both have EQ mounts), i used a 15mm EP and didnt use a barlow, i was temped to pull out my 12'' dob but couldnt be bothered setting it up, might do that tonight, i used stellarium to find saturn also, it's a must have in my book, just enter your GPS co-ordinates and you're away, i had a good look at the moon as well last night, very im
  11. Pretty dark skys tonight (normal for where i am), set up the Meade 12 and had a play, got some stunning veiws of clusters and a few big redish stars, couldnt find any nebulas, i noticed my 16mm EP wont resolve stars, they just look like they do with an out of foccus 26mm (is this normal?). So i used the 26mm all night, added the barlow for extra good veiws. I also broke my laser finder (it was broken before hand, i just tried to fix it and made it worse) the height level screw just wouldnt work so i thought i'd open her up and have a look, 3 springs come flying out, it's way beyond me to put
  12. Just a question regaring imaging, i keep hearing you need to expose an image for x amount of time, as a total noob, what is exposure? and why do you have to do it?, is a camera a bit like the human eye and needs time to fully grasp the scene? PS, i told you i was a noob lol.
  13. Thanks for the lnk ajg, the collminators fine, doesnt make a circle at all, ive been reading some reviews on the scope and most say it's a very hard scope to collminate the first few times (to get it 100% anyway), most say the more you do it the better you'll become at it.
  14. Thanks guys, i've never used a scope before, i set it up saturday night, there was bit of LP, i had no idea of where to point it and i never really gave my eyes a chance to aclimatize, the stars looked like little rings with another ring around the outside, i didnt see anything interesting, i had no computer access so i couldnt use stellarium, i just wanted to have a quick go and make sure everything worked. collmination, i collminated the diagonal mirror first but after doing the main mirror the diagonal would be out (is that normal?) I'll be seting it up again tonight, should have fairly dar
  15. Hi all, just purchased my first scope, it's been a rollercoaster ride trying to decide, i'd done a lot of reasearch and told the friendly guys at Bintel (Melbourne) to put my name on a Celestron 6se, i went to pick it up Saturday and after some more advice i changed my mind and ended up with a Meade 12" light bridge lol, it came with a 26mm EP and i purchased an additional 16mm and a barlow along with a laser collimator, now all's i need to do is work out how to use the blumming thing, any advice about this system would be greatly appreciated. cheers.
  16. If you have a safety switch i wouldnt be overly concerned (most homes do now days), i run a lead out to my swimming pool, if it arks up the worst that can happen is i'll lose power on that fuse", it's never happened and im running a pretty shitty extention lead. (if i didnt have a safety switch though id be a bit more carefull.)
  17. I'm a total noob when it comes to electricity, i've just found my old jump starter (just a cheapy), it has 2 clips for starting cars and a cigarette lighter socket, i thought the cigarette socket was only for recharging the unit but it also gives power i found out last night, does this sound like it would be adequte to run a goto mount?
  18. Thanks steep, iv'e decided (finally) on the 6se, i pick it up saturday morning, it has severly stretched the budget though ($1499), but whats a few hundred over 2 or 3 yrs is my thinking. Eye pieces. This scope only comes with the one eye piece (25mm), I'll buy a 2x barlow and maybe 2 more EPs, any suggestions on what those 2 EPs should be?, i'll be looking at everything i can. Power. I have a jump starter pack in the shed charging now, it has the cigarette lighter insert, im thinking (hoping) this should be an adequete power source. Thought i should mention to any fellow Aussies (Victorians)
  19. Gread thread. Still confused though (to many red wines lol) just a quick question to anyone who knows, what 3 eye peices would you recommend for a 6se cassegrain?, TIA.
  20. Awesome site, the only thing that's a little frustrating is experienced users using abreviations (just second nature i guess), so when talking to noobs it would be nice if they put the meaning of the abreviation next to the abreviation (ie FOV "field of view" ect), apart from that it's an awesome site.
  21. I'm a novice too, picking up my new celestron 6se saturday morning, anyway check this site out, it gives you a rough comparison to what you should be able to see under good seeing conditions with different size scopes. Telescope Comparison
  22. Great report Sparrow. I'm currently in the midst of buying my first scope, i would've purchased the 4se today but they were out of stock (luckily) but they have a 6se in stock, I've almost convinced the mrs to allow me to spend the extra $ on the 6, fingers crossed i'll pick it up tommorow night. PS, i was originally going to buy the power pack but reading your review reminded me i have a power pack similar to your Aldi one , i think you may have saved me some $, cheers.
  23. Stocks are low on Celestrons in Australia too, in fact most quality goto setups are, i was seriously considering an 8" goto dob for a while but they ran out of those too (i changed my mind on that anyway). Can anyone tell if the maks are easier/harder to colimate compared to a str8 reflector?
  24. Id love a dob, but the portabiltity is an issue.
  25. Cheers Cunhaval, I've actualy eliminated this scope from my list (just to expensive), looks like im going for a Ioptron 114mm (A model) or a celestron nextar 4SE, any advice on those would be welcoming too. cheers
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