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  1. Great image, sharp and full of detail, nice stars as well! Very well done!!!
  2. Good image, plenty of detail, nice to see all those galaxies in one shot, you did a good job of removing the noise!!
  3. Very good detail and clean, I like the amount of info you've given with the image, good to know!!
  4. Very nice, it's good to see the relationship between them all, good res for only two sub as well!
  5. Very nice for a first on several fronts, I had the same line on the bright stars on a few pics I did, on the same orientation, I never found out what it was but I put it down to a reflection or a small amount of dew on the objective, I am probably wrong though!!!
  6. Good image, I like the framing and wide field, nice job dodging the showers!
  7. Very nice image, rich and deep colour in the nebula and nice stars too! Well crafted!!
  8. Superb pic, not seen this one before, very detailed! Top marks!
  9. Super image, very well processed - looks very "natural"! Well done!
  10. Very good image, fantastic detail, the dust lanes at the top are great!
  11. Very fine indeed! That mount must be so good, half hour subs & super round stars! Superb image!
  12. Nice set of galaxies you have! I really like your m81/82 pic!
  13. I risk sounding dumb here but I can't see how this can be true! A 1mm objective v a 50mm objective, the larger must gather/focus many more photons, making it much more sensitive. Am I wrong?
  14. Very nice, looks like that 10CF is dong a good job! Good colour and detail! What's the line going from mid left to bottom right?
  15. I think, although I may be wrong, that the f ratio of a telescope is first and foremost a pure division of focal length by aperture but this is not a measure of the amount of light that it will transmit. Mirrors, vanes, secondary obstruction, glass, filters etc all absorb or stop light. A better measure would be a T number, this would give a figure of the actual light transmitted through the scope, to allow calculation of more accurate exposure time figures.
  16. Good detail already and nice round stars, you must be well aligned! I'll look out or the finished image!
  17. Now that is what I call detailed! Well worth the huge effort you've obviously put in!
  18. Very good first effort - you have quite a bit of information, processing is the key! And darks & flats!
  19. Very nice! Good detail and colour, nice stars as well! To marks!
  20. Thanks for your kind comments, I should of course said it's to far west now(for me)! I think another 50 or so subs would allow just a little more detail to be teased out without making it more noisy. I do like using the 2.8 with the dslr, it allows you to gather detail much faster avoiding longer noisier subs.
  21. Hi All, This is an image I took earlier in the year, just got round to finishing the processing - lax I know! It's 50 x 180 sec iso 800, 300mm 2.8 & 40D with CLS clip filter. DSS & PI. It's a nice target & it's a pity I didn't get a bit more time on it, too far east now, I'll just save the data for next time!!
  22. Ciao e benvenuto! Good result for all your images! Well done!
  23. Nice image, you have the running man as well, the stars are a little overblown making them look a little "hard" but nothing that a bit of tweaking couldn't fix!! Well done!
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