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  1. The 222 trigger grip is indeed a quality piece of kit,  but I’ve also a couple of these and found them more than up to the task of supporting a 70mm binocular......



    If my memory serves me correctly, Steve Tonkin has uploaded a very useful manual for the above on his website (The Binocular Sky)






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  2. Very nice rig Michael, the 80mm Lightquest looks & sounds impressive (just had a read of your brief first light thread). I’m jealous of your nice teathered lens caps, the ones on my recently acquired APM 16x70 are about as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle :undecided:

    It’s a bonus that you can get away with it on the monopod, these new magnesium bodied instruments are remarkably light at their given aperture. When I had the 85mm BA8, I tried it out on the monopod/trigger grip combo and it proved way to much for it.  


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  3. On 29/11/2017 at 16:47, alanjgreen said:


    The only downside so far appears to be the 70mm lens caps, they keep falling off :( I would expect better for £500. Now ordering  some Kaiser 85mm replacements...



    I wonder if the 85mm Kaiser lens caps will be a success Alan? My barrel ends measure just shy of 84mm? 


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  4. I'm also using the Giottos 3290b with the Manfrotto 222  (I'm 6' 1") and it's more than tall enough. The 222 trigger grip can be picked up used for around £40. I've also had one of these and found it more than adequate for a 70mm binocular.....








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  5. 1 hour ago, SpaceBass said:

    The ED's?  I was on the site a few weeks ago but didn't notice them there.  UK price at Rother Valley is £800 and around £600 from APM.  Quite a difference!


    You are correct, I was referring get to the Lunt Magnesium.

    The price difference for the APM ED 16x70  is indeed massive if bought in the UK. I'm not sure why :dontknow:,but there's no way I'd pay it!

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  6. 19 hours ago, Chinapig said:

    Hmm, thanks Damo - food for thought indeed!  Have noted with interest your "first impressions" thread on the 16x70s.  So far, can't find anywhere that stocks the APM to have a look through, but I hope to  be able to try out the Lunt 10x50 within the next few days.

    Some more food for thought if you do get to try the Lunt and like it :smiley:




    I bought my 16x70 from here (also supposedly ex display) but I'd swear it had never been out of the box!  A nice £100+ saving on UK price!


  7. On 17/02/2017 at 00:51, Chinapig said:


    I guess I COULD stretch to the Lunt magnesium 10x50s, 




    This :icon_biggrin:


    Another to consider and only approx £30 more than the Lunt is the new APM branded ED Apo 10x50. If the 16x70 is anything to go by, it'll be a stunner.....




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  8. On 13/02/2017 at 09:26, BinocularSky said:

    Sort of expected if less light is being lost into the spectrum, especially off-axis. Have you yet been able to assess how much brighter it is on-axis?

    Not as yet Steve. Between work commitments and the weather conditions continuing to be far from ideal when I do manage to get a few minutes, I haven't really had any quality time with it. I've a few days off over the coming weekend, so fingers crossed by then the weather will have improved and I'll get back to it.

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