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  1. thanks guys, ive brought this scope as an introduction to astronomy and it was reasonably priced so if i didnt enjoy it, i wouldnt lose a wedge, gladly im enjoying it and want to see more. which brings me to my next question, what scope would you guys recommend to see some dsos mentioned above.



  2. and i couldnt even find one after 5 hours!

    M1 - invisable

    M31 - too low in my garden

    M33 - Failed

    M51 - Failed

    M101 - Failed

    surely my scope is "man enough" to see at least a dim smudge,

    am i rubbish in star stepping or is my scope struggling?

  3. i think mankind will be long gone before any of these events, be nice to think us humans will still be roaming this planet, be nicer still if we met another intelligent life form during this time. i have a fear there are other intelligent life forms in the universe ( there has to be) but dont think any encounters will be possible due to time and distance.

  4. i would say its not far off its limit tbf but if you wanted to take sum short exposures (15secs) you could piggy back on the tube rings to get wide angle shots, the mount itself is decent just dont go extending them legs all the way, unless your 7ft tall you shouldnt have much trouble, IMO if you wanted the apperture of a 200p you could buy a dobs (much cheaper) then during the time save up for a EQ5/6? just an idea? its the same ota

  5. i have the 130p and its a cracking "little" scope but as good as it is, it is limited to what it can do, i would say in my opinion for astrophotography is it a no no, can see the bright DSO`s with lack of detail (smudges) and good on planets, its a good mobile & visual scope.

    using this scope will help you learn the skies, and getting to grips with the movement of an eq mount.

    what i have found so far doing this hobby in this short period of time you will always want something bigger and better, add more accesories, eyepieces etc.

    IMO you need to decide what you want to do - visual or photography, want you want to see, and adjust budget accordingly, but with stated budget i would stick to visual and see the sights :icon_eek:

  6. good post and very agreeable

    my girlfriend was very sceptical about my and my telescope, came out a few times with me and wasnt very enthuisatic "its a lot a white dots, grey smudge" etc.. until on saturday, we came back from a curry and it was a dark and very clear sky, i couldnt resist dragging it out the shed and giving her "first light" on Saturn, "wow thats amazing" she said, made it worthwhile.

  7. its like when Brian Cox was explaning Einsteins theory bout the universe being like a mountain range, i was like "you think it is"

    its inspiring that us humans strive to know everything, but in space we can calculate this and that and make some immense equations to explain reasonings, even though it basically is just guessing.

    dont get me wrong i like nothing more than just looking up and being surrounded by silence and darkness and just thinking what if etc, like us humans do, we will never comprehend or understand it, which is amazing in itself.

    my favourite quote ever (and i think its my own) "space is literally space"

  8. i have the same, if not the same scope and can confirm you can see all these features, i found with a good dark sky its also a lot easier to find them too, currently using the star walk app on the iphone to star hop.

    just dont go overboard and do what i did and find a bright light in the sky and find out it was a plane head on! (had previously not found it on the app) LOL

    also download stellarium its brilliant!

  9. very cool! attempted to look at the moon on friday evening but was like looking at the sun! so i set up looking at an unusally bright star just above the horizon got in on the lazer finder then looked and then discovered it was a plane head on!

  10. ive managed to get mount it via i believe it might be some kind of camera mount bolt on top of the tube ring, and just used a cable tie to get a close enough angle just to see if it can be done, yet only managed to look at a aerial on top of a nearby roof top, so will have to see how good my guess work is when i take it and try it on a star.

    kept confusing me as the travel scope has an erecting prism on it meanwhile the scope doesnt! lol

  11. i brought this to start me off earlier in the year, the scope is a little beauty but the negatives and it is a big negative is the mount, to start off its great as the more you use it, the worse its gets still if you use it on its lowest setting and on a table/windowstill its great.

    planning to take it on holiday to mexico this year to lay on the beach with a cocktail and possible devising a plan to mount it on the tube rings of my current set up.

  12. hi guys,

    bored this sunday morning and getting my engineering head on, i have a Skywatcher 130p on a eq2 mount and a celestron travelscope 70, being a week before payday and not totally satisfied with the red dot finder on the scope got me thinking ...... with these factors.

    :red dot finder is no good at finding slightly darker objects

    :mount & tripod on the travelscope is absolutely useless, but the scope is reasonable

    Objective : mounting the travelscope onto tube rings of the 130 to use as finder for darker objects

    has anyone thought of doing this or done this with any success?

  13. i also had my first view of Saturn last night and it was an amazing experience, i brought a mate out with me to a new found dark spot found on google earth, my only problem was keeping up with it as it drifted across my fow very quickly, might need a motor drive after all!

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