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  1. in mine it was just a faint smudge IMO its better to view it in bins to grasp the scale of it
  2. just missed the flyby on my camera but still got it neverless it was a stunning sight love the ISS
  3. yeah could of took longer but then its balancing the apperture and juggling everything else, i mean ive only had it for 2 weeks so i just keep playing with it, yeah i used the EQ mount with it piggy backed to my scope hence its at a weird angle but i was only using it as a tripod, i think any longer without tracking it may have left trails. i have a cheap tripod which came with the travel scope i guess the only difference you would of had would be a straight image :-)
  4. thanks much appreciated Camera Model Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL Firmware Firmware 1.0.3 Shooting Date/Time 17/02/2012 05:22:04 Shooting Mode Manual Exposure Tv( Shutter Speed ) 13 Av( Aperture Value ) 5.0 Metering Mode Partial Metering ISO Speed 800 Lens 18.0 - 55.0mm Focal Length 18.0mm Image Size 3456x2304 Image Quality RAW Flash Off White Balance Mode Auto AF Mode Manual focusing Noise Reduction Off Drive Mode Self-Timer Operation
  5. very nice, think yesterdays clear spot of weather encouraged me to get set up first time since i moved house, even had a bit of a play with my ebay 350d heres my first effort.
  6. first time out with my scope in my new back yard and my ebay`d 350d , quite pleased but this photography is hard! novice with the scope and a noob with the camera, any pointers anyone would give?
  7. i prefer to stay out late, but starting work at 5am so usually up for 4 and have half hour with the bins for a peek and a brew
  8. If anyone has and iphone ive found a good app for looking for flares its called Sputnik - and its free :-)
  9. very interesting thank you, so unfortunate it would take a spacecraft about 2276678 years to get there
  10. sat round the in-laws on friday night with a nice french beer in tow in the garden, admiring their fantasic dark sky garden in Bourne, Lincs watching in the Cassiopeia/Andromeda region was watching what i thought was a faint satallite pass from Cassiopeia through to Pegasus, approx halfway across it got brighter and brighter, almost as bright as anything in the sky then got dimmer as it passed through pegasus, it was strange as it seemed to get brighter in stages, it was 2130-45 time on friday, i thought it might of been an iridium flare but i havent seen one before and doubt it was an meteorite as it seemed quite slow, Can anyone help?
  11. Lovely Pic, agreed Cov`s LP is shocking, some nights the sky is painted orange, ive yet to find a really dark spot locally, have been out and about near Church Lawford, Rugby last winter,autumn managed to get some good 360 views and the LP just hovers above the horizon east to west, its just behind the satalite station, however i would prob take a friend just in case.
  12. best advice i could give is to find a club or someone who has some and have a play and find out which suits you best, a lot depends on what you mainly want to be looking at whether its planets or DSOs. another point is maybe looking for a reasonable pair of 10x50 binoculars and starting to learn the sky while you save money and make a decisions, the stars aint going nowhere.
  13. Celestron PowerSeeker 50 Telescope | Binoculars and Telescopes | ASDA direct as currently a newt boy who hasnt got a clue about refractors (i have a travelscope mind) im not sure about the quality of it but if anyone knows anything about refractors could anyone give a opinion, quite fancy adding a refractor to my range of cheap scopes also nice to have something i could throw into the boot of the car for a quick grab and go. Thanks Gaz
  14. Good Luck - wishing i never had 5am start, waiting to give my new Bins a road test
  15. hi guys, debating with myself, im new to any sort of astrophotograhy and was wondering instead of investing £300+ on a basic sort of DSLR which i would love, (but afraid of not getting used as much as it deserves) is it worth for me to invest in a point&shoot for multi-purposes, but obviously with a slight view for minimal AP? Im currently looking at a Panasonic Lumix FS16, or something within the budget of £200 what kind of results would i get? mainly looking at eiether afocal or piggy backing for general sky/constellations shots. or does anyone have any other suggestions. Thanks in advance guys.
  16. im no physicist but is this dark energy just not weaking gravity? dont wish to sound ignorant but in laymens terms this is what it sounds like?
  17. agreed, i have this scope, its a cracking "small" scope and isnt hard to use, a nice start up for a small price, easy to pack in a car a set up quickly, also as above download stellarium.
  18. hi jenniej, i have exactly the same scope as you, do not be phased by it at all, set it up in your garden during the day, follow the book and take your time learning what each knob etc does, especially the mount, (which i found was the most daunting). get a compass and find out which direction your garden is facing and download Stellarium and can learn "whats going on in your back garden", im new to this myself and learning all the time, any questions you have im more than happy to help, even though there might be more experienced people at hand.
  19. WOW! would love to do it, but knowing my luck will eiether hit a plane or get wrapped around power cables.
  20. hi guys trying to find a way to mount my travel scope to my 130p, i can mount it via the camera both on the top of the tube rings but its not reliable as cannot tighten it enough, would anyone have any idea of a more secure way like tube rings (which i cannot find) or an alternative way to attach the travel scope to the set up? thanks again
  21. agreed with james, otherwise could look at need-less light pollution and possibly find a darker and accessable place nearer yourself for yor convience and then try and pin point an area using google streetview to observe from, using this method i have found a great place 6 miles away from home. another thing is although Wales is a beautiful and dark place weather is often unpredicable, also try and locate a local society find out where they observe from. hope ive helped. Gaz
  22. Hi Ed, welcome , there a good bunch on here so im sure you will find all the help you need.
  23. Anyone who has an iphone you can track satalites on -Starwalk app Star Walk - 5 Stars Astronomy Guide for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store using Stellarium you click satalite hints and can fast forward time to see what passes in your area of sky, also using the HSF (linked above) will give you sighting opportunies, have that bookmarked on your mobile if your out and about. have had my work collegues looking up around 0530ish over the last week, and seen the ISS everyday
  24. better than my iphone attempt! :-) well done
  25. thanks again Doc, was aiming for a 10" i will eventually be saving up for my deposit for a house instead of buying toys! lol
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