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  1. Hello everyone, I'm afraid this is a typical beginners post asking for advice on getting my first telescope. I've been looking at the Sky-Watcher Skyliner-200P Classic Parabolic Dobsonian Telescope, which I think is ideal for what I want within my budget. Can anyone recommend this or suggest a better alternative for a similar price (£300.00 ish)? Also I want to be able to use my Sony Nex-3 camera to take astrophotography. Will this telescope enable me to do this? Thank you very much in advance for any advice given...
  2. Hey guys, Just joined this awesome forum and wanted to say Hi! After going to Currys yesterday to have a gander at a decent telescope (and getting NO luck or advice from the 'sales' chap) I thought i'd join an astronomy forum to chat with some veterans!!! Looking forward to getting started and seein' some stars!!!!!!!!!!!!
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