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  1. Just Signed it - Hope it helps you all in GB.
  2. Looking at Jan's LX90 power board schematic :- LX90 Power Panel it would appear that the inner pin carries the power, however if you want reassurance I suggest you email him with the question - he appears to me a mine of information for this scope.
  3. Hi Nicolas from Frankfurt am Main, I'm sure you wil find all the answers to your questoins answered here. Willkommen.
  4. I have baught all my equipment from the german site - they are very quick and reliable, speak english and some of their website has english pages. Yes I live in Germany but speak very little german but have spoken to them on numerous occasions without any problems.
  5. Great rogram - found it by chane and really enjyed it.
  6. A bit too far for me to travel, I live in Frankfurt am Main - due south of you.
  7. Yes there is such a mount, I have one , it is now called the ADM mount. Teleskop-express have them for 298 euros.
  8. Yes they are good - managed to get Patrick Moore's Mission to the Planets and The Planets by McNab/Younger in June this year. Cost a couple of quid each.
  9. BillRead

    Hi from Germany

    Hallo Michael, Welcome to SGL, I am in Frankfurt Main - weather the same as yourself. Bill
  10. Grr, Just visted my Sister and Father in Sutton St. James last week, wish I had known I would have known I would have delayed my visit. Oh well hopefully you will have one next year - will keep an eye out for your notices.
  11. Hmm - Depending on which forcast you read Frankfurt will either have rain, partial cloud or clear skies tonight !! Well I guess you takes your choice, get the scope and camera ready - and wait .... Hoping for clear skies for you all tonight.
  12. Wecome to the louge - Plenty of good avice abounds here!
  13. BillRead

    hi all

    Welcome to SGL.
  14. Welcome to SGL from an expat in Frankfurt am Main Germany. Unfortunatley our sky is not as good as yours !!
  15. Hi and welcome - ex hayling islander myself.
  16. Welcome Peter - It's never too late ;-)
  17. BillRead

    Hello from Ely

    Welcome to SGL Steve.
  18. BillRead


    Welcome Jamie and good luck with your remaining studies.
  19. Hi and welcome Treewick.
  20. Fantastic - The images posted on this site never cease to amaze me.
  21. Welcome Mario - My favorite Spanish Island.
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